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Wood Floors


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Wood floors are fashionable at the moment, with many people preferring the easier to clean surface and warm look of wood to carpets or linoleum. A new floor, however, may mean that you need a new vacuum.

Consider a Canister

Canister vacuums allow for the flexibility of cleaning with a floor brush, which works best to suck up dust and dirt off hard surfaces. Canister vacuums also usually feature cleaning areas that are better at reaching edges than bulky uprights. They also can keep wood floors from getting damaged. With an upright, the vacuum's whole weight rests on the rear wheels and cleaning surface. A canister, however, distributes weight between the motor and cleaning surface and is therefore less likely to scratch your floors.

Watch Out For The Wood

With any vacuum, make sure that the wheels and brush aren't leaving scratches or gouges. This is especially important for softer wood floors such as wide-board pine, and also important if you have a heavy vacuum.

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