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First and foremost, this CordZero is a canister vacuum. Typically this would mean tugging the body of the vacuum awkwardly from room to room while you clean, but the CordZero has a secret weapon to address this problem of mobility: Robosense technology.

It's not the first time we've seen this kind of functionality from LG. At CES 2012, LG brought the Kompressor Follow Me, which had had little gears in the wheels that responded to a tug of the hose by lurching the whole unit forward. Robosense works very similarly, propelling the CordZero forward as you move it. No longer will you wear yourself out dragging the canister around.

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Playing around with the CordZero Canister, we can say that it feels lighter and more nimble than an ordinary vacuum. That's because LG shaved the weight of the motor down by 48 percent. The brush head has a good pivot, so you'll be able to more easily maneuver around corners.

It's great to handle, but can the CordZero actually clean? We won't know for sure until we get it into our vacuum testing labs, but the tech is good.

In a press release, LG claims that the Smart Inverter Motor can generate 79,000 RPM. The company is so confident about this motor that it's willing to place a 10-year warranty on it.

Overall, the CordZero canister is lighter and more efficient than an ordinary canister. And it has to be—as a cordless machine, there's no spare juice to power poorly optimized parts. To that end, it has many of the features that we praised in other cordless vacuums during our Best Cordless Vacuums of 2015 roundup.

LG claims that the 80V lithium-ion battery can run for 40 minutes on minimum suction and 17 minutes on full power. When the battery is depleted, it'll require four hours to recharge. Still, this LG's battery life stacks up well with its competition. 40 minutes on low power should be enough time to maintain a floor that's cleaned regularly, and 17 minutes should be just enough to spot clean bigger messes.

On the features front, the CordZero also stands out. A telescopic wand and two nozzles are nothing special on regular vacuums, but it's much more unusual to see them on a cordless. Most cordless vacuums can switch between hardwood floors and carpet, but this LG also comes with a parquet brush head–a tool used for scratch-sensitive floors.

If you have fancy floors that need protecting, then you may be able to stomach the hefty recommended retail price of $1,099. Some consumers will be put off by the price, but technology is headed in a cordless direction. From trading in landlines for cell phones and cable for streaming, Americans are cutting cords all over the place. So why not cut the cord on your vacuum as well?

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