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What to expect from the vacuum

The V8s has an attractive design.
Credit: / Jonathan Chan

The V8s has an attractive design.

The iLife V8s focuses on cleaning and that's about it. On our robot vacuum obstacle course, the V8s proved to be a powerhouse. On average, it picked up 12 grams of dirt per run. Keep in mind that robot vacuums work best if you set them on an automatic daily schedule. So, over the course of the week that adds up to 84 grams–comparable to light cleaning by a full-sized vacuum.

During its cleaning cycle, the V8 clamored over everything that wasn't a throw rug. It got over uneven flooring and under four-inch shelves.

While it couldn't get atop our throw rug, we appreciate that it didn't try. There's no bigger faux pas for an automated cleaner than get stuck and require human assistance.

What to expect from the mop

The V8s comes with two sink-washable microfiber cloths.
Credit: / Jonathan Chan

The V8s comes with two sink-washable microfiber cloths.

The V8s comes with a separate bin for moping. It comes with two microfiber clothes that are sink washable. You can fill the tank with about 10 ounces water. The unit doesn't really have the mass to scrub wood floors. However, as a floor maintainer, it's on par with its competitors.

What not to expect

The V8s does not come with any barriers, nor can you purchase anything that's compatible. For anyone trying to keep one or two connected rooms clean, you're going to be fine. But if you have lots of pet bowls or delicate furniture, best to have the V8s clean elsewhere.

You also shouldn't expect quick cleaning cycles. Every time we ran the V8s, it went for an hour and a half before returning to its dock. To put that in perspective, the fastest robots can clean our obstacle course in about twenty minutes.

How does the V8s stack up?

Everything that comes in the box save for the extra mop attachment.
Credit: / Jonathan Chan

Everything that comes in the box (except for an extra mop attachment, not pictured).

The V8s is definitely not as good as the iLife A4s, our favorite affordable robot vacuum. The A4s picked up more dirt, but it's also a little slower.

While the V8s' added mop feature isn't for everyone, it's a nice-to-have feature. Amongst its competitors, the Deebot M88 probably compares most closely. The M88 costs more, but also includes smart connectivity. After testing it for a week, we found that the V8s ranks above average, but isn't good enough to break into any top 10 lists.

Buy or not?

We'd recommend the iLife V8s to anyone who is looking to purchase a robot vacuum for under $300. The fact that you can also set it to polish hard wood floors regularly means it's a high-value buy, especially if you see it on sale for under $250.

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