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When you consider how well the vacuum's sensors work to keep the canister within three feet of you, handling becomes one of the 's top features. There are four sensors that track where the handle and canister are moving and the vacuum's "following wheel" technology help direct it toward the user. These features will allow users to vacuum at a normal walking pace and not have to worry about having to drag it along and wear out the 's hose.

At the front of of the 's canister is the dirt holder, which can be removed with the click of a button. There's a wiper blade within the container that keeps in clean.

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The 's HEPA filter, which is multi-layered, is located on the backside of the canister and is pretty easy to remove and clean.

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The looked good on the CES show floor when it comes to usability and aesthetics, but we'll have to bring it into our testing lab to see how it handles our dirt concoctions. For now, we can appreciate its location recognition sensors that force the 's canister to be within three feet of the user at all times and its user-friendly design. The vacuum's handle wasn't too heavy during cleaning and was in sync with the canister, which is important because imbalance could ruin its effectiveness. Another plus is that the canister doesn't move along too quickly during cleaning so it doesn't trip up the user.

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