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There’s only one caveat: Most models are only compatible with Miele's TurboBrush carpet head. Since it’s powered by air and not an electric motor, it doesn’t work well on very deep rugs.

Model By Model

There are six different vacuums in the Miele C2 Series. We only recommend one for high pile carpet: the Compact C2 Topaz (MSRP $749). You’ll want the Topaz because it ships with Miele’s powered ElectroBrush, which can root dirt out of deep rugs. Alternatively, the Compact C2 HomeCare is at least compatible with the ElectroBrush, which sells for $209 separately.

The telescopic wand gives you extra reach when you need it.

The telescopic wand gives you extra reach when you need it.

All other models either ship with or are compatible with Miele’s TurboBrush, an air-powered brush head that’s phenomenal—as long as you have low carpet. Beyond that, both the C2 Jasper (MSRP $469) and HomeCare models both have integrated HEPA filters, the Complete C2 Limited Edition (MSRP $399) has a unique bumper strip all around the canister itself, and the C2 Topaz also has an electric telescoping wand—compared to the other models’ manual telescoping wands.

All models come with an upholstery tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, a clip to hold the wand upright while not in use (unlike competitors), and one of three heads for bare floors.

We spell out the differences between all the vacuums in this series at the very top of the review. To compare a different product, use the Related Products menu at the top right, or try the comparison tool at Miele's website.

That Miele Touch

Thanks to the swiveling heads of the cleaning attachments, we found that every C2 vacuum is easy to navigate around furniture and corners. The controls are also easy to reach—a simple dial on the side lets you switch between various suction modes like Quiet, Curtain, Carpet, etc.

Smooth caster wheels kept the canister from tipping over during our tests, which makes the vacuum’s 21-foot cord the only factor limiting movement.

Two footswitches ensure you won't be bending down as much.

Two footswitches ensure you won't be bending down as much.

Will It Clean My Floors?

This is Miele's TurboBrush Mini, which gobbles up cat hair.

This is Miele's TurboBrush Mini, which gobbles up cat hair.

Unfortunately, Miele’s TurboBrush just doesn't have the power to clean thick carpet, even with the C2’s 1200-watt motor behind it. The powered ElectroBrush earned excellent scores in our tall carpet test, but you’ll need the expensive C2 Topaz or C2 HomeCare to use it.

Otherwise, performance is spectacular across the board. Pet owners will be pleased to know all C2 models positively gobble up fur and hair, and debris ranging in size from dirt to rice are removed entirely.

Our edge-clean test showed even suction along the turbo bush at both the middle and edges of the brush—meaning there’s no dirt left where the carpet meets the wall.

Why We Like The C2 Series

The Miele C2 Series is powerful and easy to use, with a bunch of handy accessories to boot. Those with shag carpet—or even plush rugs—will need the pricier C2 Topaz, but the entire series is an easy recommendation for everyone else.

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