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There were plenty of robotic mops and vacuums at CES 2014, but only one product that did both: Moneual's Rydis H68 Pro H2O tank mop and vacuum. With a sizable tank capacity, tons of cleaning modes, and enough sensors to make Data blush, this machine does everything but make julienne fries.

More of the same, and that's a good thing


Moneual isn't breaking new ground with the H68 Pro's external appearance, and why would they? The circular design still seems to be the most effective way to scoot around furniture. Instead, the company is modifying the internal specs, with a six ounce tank that's one of the largest in the industry. The lithium ion phosphate battery lasts for five hours on mop mode (it can go even longer when just vacuuming) and can cover up to 300 square feet per charge.

A remote lets you choose from a wide range of cycles and functions, while buttons on the machine itself can turn it on and off. Brushes can be attached to the underside for more effective vacuuming, while the water tank is completely removable.

The machine-washable mopping pad is secured to the tank with velcro. Alternatively, you could use a Swiffer pad, or any other cleaning cloth that'll cling to the velcro. The Rydis is capable of both dry and wet mopping, and since liquid is dispensed right from the bottom of the tank, you can use regular water or cleaning fluid without having to worry about gumming up the machine.

What can't it clean?

The number of cycles available on the Rydis almost reaches levels of absurdity. There are three different cleaning patterns—back and forth, circular (for deep cleaning), and zigzag—available. The robot can be set to vacuum or mop exclusively, while auto mode will do both. It can be activated manually, or set to run at a specific time every day.

Moneual has installed 42 sensors into the Rydis, which—among other functions—utilizes Smart Vision Mapping to remember the layout of your rooms, letting you clean specific areas. In Shadow mode the sensors also pick up on light and dark. Shadow mode will deliberately send the Rydis underneath your furniture to clean those hard-to-reach trouble spots. That said, the Rydis isn't exactly short, so you'll need furniture with some clearance to really take advantage of it.

Two of the most entertaining features are definitely the Manual and MS (or Motion Sensor) modes. If you spill some coffee and want to clean just that one spot, Manual lets you direct the Rydis using the directional buttons on the remote. MS mode lets you do the same thing without having to push any buttons: simply wave the remote around for complete control of your cleaning lackey. It's too slow to create really intricate patterns, but the premise does still bring an entertainment factor to (especially for pet owners) to mundane household chores.

Putting the easy into cleaning

With cycles galore, plenty of capacity, and unparalleled versatility, Moneual's Rydis H68 Pro is a true convenience. At only $499, it costs about the same as other models, but none of those competitive machines can do as much as this little guy. If you love gadgets and hate messy floors, or are physically unable to sweep or mop anymore, this machine is the all-in-one package you've been waiting for.

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