Bold and spry, this vacuum at least looks versatile and cooperative

Despite that, however, we were assured that this vacuum is incredibly mobile. Zero-radius turning is meant to give it unparalleled movement capabilities, similar to what you might see with the ball design found on the Dyson DC39. Telescopic wands make for easy reach extension, as well. The representative didn't get into any extra attachments aside from a turbine-powered pet brush, though he said that plans for a pop-up hatch in the back for tool storage may make it into production.

It'll make a mean dirt donut

Panasonic representatives assured us that this tiny canister vac will have the same power as a Jet Force upright. Its dust bin retains the unique hourglass shape particular to that line that forces dirt and dust down to the bottom of the container around the filter, resulting in what our guide referred to as a "dust or dirt bagel." As bizarre as that sounds, it's supposed to make emptying the canister that much easier: That tight clump of dirt means fewer stray particles will float somewhere other than the trash.

The vacuum is designed with a long air path and an exhaust vent located in the back. While we won't be able to say for certain until we hear it in action, this supposedly reduces the amount of noise the vacuum will make while it's being operated.

This tiny canister vac has some lofty expectations.

Not only is the MC-CL935 the first bagless canister vacuum in Panasonic's Jet Force lineup, it's the first Panasonic bagless canister vacuum, period. Given the popularity of Panasonic's uprights and Kenmore-branded bagged canisters, we're very excited to see just how well it does.

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