Of the new line of vacuums, the MC-UL427 is the bright purple flagship. It has a suggested retail price of $149.99, a retractable cord, an agitator shut off for cleaning hardwood floors and a wardrobe like Prince. We're looking forward to testing one in the lab, but if previous Panasonics we've tested are any indication of the MC-UL427's performance, this vacuum might be a force to be reckoned with among mid-range uprights.

This vacuum is purple. Not violet or indigo -- it's plain ol' purple. Even the crevice tool is color-coded to the vacuum's body. If you're a fan of Barney or the Grimace, this may be the vacuum for you.

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We weren't able to plug in the MC-UL427 display model that Panasonic had on the show floor, but we could push it across some high pile carpet with ease. A claimed weight of about 14 pounds means it'll also be easy to store.

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There are two controls on this vacuum, both foot pedals. One turns the vacuum on and off, the other controls whether the brushroll agitates carpet or remains still for hardwood floors.

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Among the available cleaning tools is a turbine brush that agitates upholstery to remove pet hair and other debris.

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The MC-UL427's 24-foot cord is retractable with the touch of a button.

The eight foot hose and two foot crevice tool allows for easy cleaning of ceilings and curtains.

On the model we saw on the show floor, the JetForce's dirt holder was easy to detach and empty from the bottom. Like all bagless vacuums, it may emit a plume of dust when it dumps dirt into the trash.

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The washable prefilter is located above the dirt holder. The vacuum also features a HEPA exhaust filter.

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Panasonic says each vacuum in the JetForce lineup weighs under 15 pounds. We'll get you a more exact number as soon as we can get one of these on a scale in our lab.

From our first impressions at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, the Panasonic JetForce MC-UL427 appears to be a serious contender in the highly competitive mid-range upright bagless vacuum market. Its retractable cord, light weight and MSRP of $149 are all attractive -- and we're anxiously awaiting to see how it performs in our lab tests.

We'll have to reserve judgement on this vacuum until we get the chance to thoroughly test a production model in our lab. That said, it has all the makings of a cleaner that will probably be adequate for most households.

On the show floor, the JetForce appeared to be easy to maneuver. The detachable wand and eight foot hose gave about another two feet of cleaning reach, and the powered brushroll could be turned off for hardwood floors.

Panasonic claims that the vacuum should be less noisy than other uprights they've sold in the past, only emitting around 71 decibels.

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