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13 Ways Europeans Have Cooking Covered

Suction in style.


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Last year, we came across a range hood that was truly, outrageously awesome. It left a mark in our minds—so much so that this year, we made a decision: No matter what other breaking news came our way, be it smart products or innovative technology or just plain new appliances, we were going to traverse the IFA showrooms to find you the most innovative, attractive, and bizarre range hoods we could find.

True, range hoods aren't the most eye-catching appliances at IFA. In fact, some of the major manufacturers didn't even have any on display. Nevertheless, the ones we did see often gave us something a little different.

Some of those differences were just cosmetic: unusually-designed filter holes, clever incorporation of glass trim, and the like. Others offered technological advancements, such as a few from AEG that circulates the air inside your house rather than venting it all outside.

Samsung gave us a range hood with motion controls—think frying with Magneto and you pretty much get the gist of it—while Siemens brought a downdraft range hood that rose up out of the countertop.

Take a look through the gallery, see if you can pick up on some of the trends, and marvel at the out-of-the-box designs that some of these hoods have captured. Be sure to watch the video, too, in order to catch the rise of the downdraft hood (and no we're not referring to some obscure coup d'état). We hope you're as impressed as we were with Europe's cream of the range hood crop.

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