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This trendy portable blender can be your newest travel companion

Take your blender from the kitchen countertop to the mountaintop.

Blendjet Credit: BlendJet

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Though personal blenders can provide some degree of convenience and portability that pro-style blenders lack, they aren’t without limitations—you can’t pack one in your bag to take on hiking trips or to places without power outlets.

To make a blender truly portable, one must think outside the box—and that’s where BlendJet, the innovative cordless blender, comes into play. After the successful launch of the battery-powered BlendJet, they’ve released an upgraded, USB-rechargeable BlendJet 2 with even more features.

What is a BlendJet?

BlendJet 1
Credit: BlendJet

Each BlendJet has a carrying strap on its lid, making transportation easy.

For $49.95, it looks like a personal blender but smaller in size. It comes with a leak-proof lid with carrying straps, a blending jar with base, and a USB-C charging port with cable. It takes about one and a half hours for a full charge that will last for 15 blends. The light ring around the power button indicates battery level while charging and changes from purple to blue while the BlendJet charges. The BlendJet is fully charged when the ring circle is completely blue.

The BlendJet has three modes: Blend, Pulse, and Lock. To blend, press the power button once to initiate a 20-second blend cycle. To Pulse, press twice and the ring light will blink blue to indicate the pulsing cycle is on. To lock, hold down the power button for three seconds until the ring flashes purple three times.

What we like

BlendJet 6
Credit: BlendJet

We like its ability to crush ice and blend small pieces of fruits.

For people who are skeptical of this tiny gadget’s ability to crush ice, its performance may blow your mind. I added three ice cubes to make an Asian pear smoothie—in under a minute, my smoothie came out creamy and refreshing without any detectable pieces of ice.

It can help you make a variety of beverages, as well as protein shakes, dips, baby food, and sauces. One of the best additions in this updated model is its safety feature, the Lock mode, which prevents the blender from being accidentally turned on when users keep them in their purses.

I also love the vibrant color choices designed for users who put aesthetics first. BlendJet 2 comes in 16 vibrant colors, so chances are you’ll find the perfect shade to match your desktop or kitchen space.

When it comes to ease of cleaning, I find the process to be pretty straightforward. Thanks to the water-resistant material, users can run the jar with its blending base attached under soapy water without disassembling the parts.

What we don’t like

Credit: BlendJet

You may be spending some time on chopping up smoothie ingredients because the blending chamber is narrow.

The blending chamber is narrow, which makes it hard to stuff large pieces of cut fruit into the jar. During testing, I had to chop apples, pears, and mangoes into smaller pieces than I would for a pro-style blender to avoid contents becoming stuck.

Though I appreciate the simplicity of the one-button design, I struggled to remember the commands—long press to lock, press twice to pulse, and press once to blend. Together with memorizing the different colors and signals to understand the status of the blender, the process became overwhelming for me. In my first few attempts, I had to refer to its user manual to make sure I was doing everything correctly.

You’ll also need a USB charger to get the blender to work—it only comes with a USB-C cable.

Should you get a BlendJet portable blender?

Credit: BlendJet

If you're intrigued by the convenience it offers, you should consider getting one.

If your daily routine involves spending time at your local gym, then you may get good use out of this portable blender. All you need is to bring our top-rated travel mug filled with ice cubes , protein powder, and a BlendJet, which also sells compatible pouches and travel totes separately. After an intense workout session, you can easily whip up an ice-cold protein shake to recharge.

Or, if you’ve run out of room for countertop kitchen appliances, this portable blender can help you make delicious beverages without taking up the precious space in your kitchen.

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