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The World's Loneliest Toaster Has Only One Slot

This little toaster isn't brave, but it sure is depressing.


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In Europe, an aging population and declining birthrate mean that more people live in smaller households than ever before. But just because you might have one less egg to fry doesn’t mean you can’t have nice small kitchen appliances.

The tiny toaster might be too cute by half—literally.

That’s why European companies like WMF and Cloer are making kitchen electrics for singles. You can buy a toaster with only one slot, a stylish coffee maker that saves counter space, and a blender that’s barely big enough for a single smoothie.

The tiny toaster might be too cute by half—literally. Even folks who live alone might want two slices of perfectly browned pumpernickel. But the other small, small appliances make sense.

After all, how often do you need to make raclette? You might as well save valuable cabinet space and pick the tiniest kitchen electrics you can find.