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Bosch SHE88PZ65N MyWay Rack
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The MyWay rack allows you to load serving utensils like ladles and spatulas.

Best Overall
Bosch Benchmark SHE88PZ65N (2019)

Editor's Note: The 2019 Bosch Benchmark Series dishwashers, including the SHE88PZ65N, are the direct replacements for the dishwashers in the 2017 Bosch Benchmark Series.

Bosch has a reputation for making great dishwashers, and the Bosch Benchmark SHE88PZ65N dishwasher is no different. At this price point, it’s not surprising that you’ll get all the bells and whistles, including a digital display, the MyWay third rack (which is deeper than most other third racks on the market), a hidden control panel, quiet operation (40 dBA), and the patented CrystalDry zeolite drying system.

While the extra features are great, they are just the cherry on top of the impressive cleaning and drying performance of this dishwasher. All three of the major cycles we tested—Normal, Heavy, and Speed60—got our test dishes more than 99% clean and 100% dry. The only minor tradeoff is that the cycle times are a bit long, with the Normal cycle clocking in at about 2.5 hours. For dishes that come out table- or cabinet-ready, though, we think it’s worth the extra cycle time. If you’ve got a bigger budget, you won’t regret investing in the Bosch SHE88PZ65N.


  • Excellent cleaning

  • Very quiet

  • Highly adjustable racks


  • Expensive

How We Tested

The Testers

Hi there! We're Reviewed's appliance testing team. Between the three of us (Jon Chan, Kyle Hamilton, and Julia MacDougall), we've spent many years testing major appliances including washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and robot vacuum cleaners.

We have plenty of experience testing these products in the lab, but we've also used them like normal people would in the course of their daily lives, which means that we have a great sense for what appliances are bargains at their price points, and which appliances have really useful extra features (as opposed to the kitchen-sink approach to features).

With all this in mind, you can feel confident that when we recommend a product, we're giving it our Reviewed stamp of approval, which means two things: firstly, this appliance performs well, and secondly, this appliance is easy to use. We're always reviewing new products, so stay tuned for our reviews and roundups of the latest products in laundry, refrigerators, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners.

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The Tests

Testing dishwashers is a dirty job, and we're happy to do it. We assess each dishwasher on the three major parts of the dishwasher experience— Performance, Features, and Usability.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Julia MacDougall

Stain Removal —We put the three major cycles on a dishwasher (Quick Cycle, Heavy Cycle, and Normal Cycle) to the test by baking food and beverage stains onto 15-20 dishes that are then loaded into the dishwasher per the manufacturer's loading directions. The stains include milk, spinach, egg, oatmeal, meat, and more. At the end of each cycle, we determine how much stain has been removed from each dish. Ideally, each dish is 100% clean, but that level of cleaning perfection can be harder to achieve in real life.

RedepositRedeposit is the term for when, during the course of a dishwasher cycle, water jets remove bits of food from one dish, only to accidentally get it stuck on a second dish. Any dishwasher that shows little to no evidence of redeposit is a winner in our book.

Number of Dirty Dishes —After a dishwasher cycle has finished, we count the number of dishes that are not 100% clean; if your dishwasher can't clean most of your dishes the first time, it's not doing its job correctly.

Cycle Time —Dishwasher cycles can run the gamut from 30 minutes to four hours. Shorter cycle times are much more convenient, especially when it comes to large dinner parties, where you may need to reuse dishes from dinner when it's time for dessert.

Drying —Whether it's accomplished with rinse aid, a built-in heater, or a built-in fan, customers expect their dishes to be dry as well as clean. We penalize the dishwasher every time a dish comes out wet, whether it's sopping wet or just covered in a few water droplets.

Features and Usability

Credit: Reviewed.com / Matthew Zahnzinger

While all of the features in the world can't make a bad dishwasher better, they can really add the finishing touch to a dishwasher that does a killer cleaning job. We look at the various cycles, cycle options, and dishwasher specs and assess both a) how useful the features are, and b) how easy it is to actually use those features.

For example, a third rack that primarily holds cutlery can often be a game-changer when it comes to freeing up valuable real estate in the bottom rack. However, if the third rack is rickety, doesn't slide smoothly, or prevents the dishwasher from actually cleaning the cutlery, we would penalize the dishwasher, rather than reward it just for having a third rack. The whole point of a dishwasher is to save you from having to spend time scrubbing every dirty dish by hand; if a particular feature isn't going to make the process of using a dishwasher better or easier, then we don't want it.

The best dishwashers have short cycles, superior stain removal and drying power, and features that make the experience of using a dishwasher a painless one.

What To Look For When Buying A Dishwasher

If your dishwasher just died, chances are that you're in a hurry to replace it. When looking for a new or replacement dishwasher, consider the following topics carefully before buy.

Stain Removal

No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a dishwasher that can't get your dishes clean. Stain removal is the most important facet of our dishwasher testing methodology; we add different food and liquid stains onto a variety of dishes to see how well a dishwasher can clean. If you're out shopping for a dishwasher at a store, be sure to ask the sales associate about the dishwasher's cleaning performance. Additionally, you can look through our dishwasher reviews and our dishwasher roundups to see which dishwashers did the best when it comes to cleaning.

Cycles and Cycle Options

If you're just cooking for one or two people, you may not need a pricey dishwasher with a ton of extra options and features. However, if you have a big family or you often host parties, you might need more customizability in your dishwasher's cycles and cycle options. Extra cycles include China Crystal/Delicate for your more delicate dishes, or Sanitize for sports bottles and baby bottles.

When it comes to cycle options, they mostly relate to the location of the water (i.e. Bottle Jets or Half Load) and the water temperature (i.e. Hi Temp).

If none of these options sound useful to you, then you'd probably be happier with a more basic dishwasher with the three main cycles: Normal, Heavy, and Quick.


As you may have discovered, dishwashers don't always dry your dishes perfectly. If you have a lot of plastic dishes, like tupperware or sports bottles, then you may be really frustrated by the fact that you always have to towel dry these dishes. You can either check out our list of the dishwashers that do a great job of drying your dishes, or you can look for dishwashers that sport extra drying options. Typically, though, dishwashers that have heated drying options (versus just venting the hot air) are more expensive because heated drying requires additional hardware in the dishwasher itself.

Third Rack/Rack Customizability

The third rack is a relatively new development in dishwashers. This narrow tray resides above the top rack, and may or may not have its own wash arm. Depending on the third rack's depth, you can typically fit either just cutlery (that occupy individual tines, and aren't clumped together like they can be in your cutlery basket) or dishes with taller profiles, like ladles, pacifiers, or small bowls. While cleaning results on the third rack might not be as good as they are in the cutlery basket, some people find the convenience of a third rack very enticing.

Another thing to consider is the customizability of the racks themselves. Do all of the tines fold down, or are they rigid? Can you change the height of the racks? Can the cutlery basket be mounted on the door? All of these options give you flexibility when it comes to fitting large or awkwardly-shaped dishes into your dishwasher. If you're mostly washing plates and glasses, though, you might not need to spend the money on this kind of adjustibility.


If you're environmentally- or money-conscious, the prospect of using less water and energy may be appealing to you. Be sure to check out the Energy Star rating for a dishwasher to give you an idea of what you can expect your utility bills to look like. We also talk about energy efficiency in our dishwasher reviews.


If you have an open-concept floorplan, you might want to look for a dishwasher that has a lower sound rating. These days, dishwashers can go as low as 37 dBA (A-weighted decibels), which is akin to the noise you hear in a library. One thing to note with the sound rating: the value reported is an average. So while lower dBA values are definitely better, you might still experience the occasional loud swishing noise during a cycle.

Additionally, generally speaking, dishwashers with stainless steel tubs are typically quieter than those with plastic tubs. There are pros and cons to both types of dishwasher tubs, though, so noise might not be the only consideration.

Control Panel

Do you prefer buttons or a touch panel? While touch panels definitely look sleeker, some dishwasher touch panels are so sensitive that you (or your kids) can accidentally start cycles by brushing against it. Conversely, some touch panels are so insensitive that you have to jab at them a few times before they work correctly. If you're trying one out in the store, be sure to try out the touch panel before-hand so that you can get a feel for how hard you'll have to press down to get a cycle going.

Fit and Finish

Dishwashers often come in a variety of finishes, from regular white or black to black stainless steel or panel-ready (the ability to install a dishwasher cover that matches your cabinetry). While you should be able to find a dishwasher that matches your kitchen setup and your other appliances, be ready to pay more money for any finish more sophisticated than black/white/stainless steel.


Don't worry: Whether you're on a budget or have a blank check, you can find a dishwasher that gets your dishes clean. While some high-end dishwashers do a really stellar job of removing food stains, more affordable dishwashers won't let you down. Mostly, the price difference between dishwashers is usually down to more or fewer features and options.

Other High-End Dishwashers We Tested

Thermador Sapphire DWHD770WFM (2020)

If you want a premium dishwasher that looks as good as it cleans, look no further than the Thermador Sapphire DWHD770WFM. With its elegant design, blue interior lighting, quiet operation (42 dBA), cycle timer that is projected onto the floor, and Home Connect implementation, this dishwasher has a lot of luxury touches that match its price point. The StarDry (which is based off of Bosch’s zeolite drying method) drying feature and the ability to open the dishwasher with either a push or a pull, it’s clear that this dishwasher is also trying to solve common issues people have with their dishwashers.

When it comes to actually cleaning and drying your dishes, the DWHD770WFM gets the job done right the first time. The Normal and Pots & Pans cycles give you near-perfect stain removal and dish drying in two to two-and-a-half hours, and that’s without using StarDry. Using the StarDry gives you dried dishes that are perfectly table- or cabinet-ready. If you have a big budget, and need a luxe dishwasher that can keep up with the demands of hosting large gatherings, be sure to check out the Thermador DWH770WFM dishwasher.


  • Excellent cleaning performance

  • Gets dishes dry

  • Great customizability options


  • Very expensive

Bosch Benchmark SHE89PW55N (2017)

Editor's Note: The 2017 Bosch Benchmark series dishwashers, including the SHE89PW55N, are nearing the end of their life cycle, and will soon no longer be available for purchase. These dishwashers have been replaced by the 2019 Bosch Benchmark Series dishwashers.

One of our favorite high-end dishwashers is the Bosch SHE89PW55N, which is one of the models in the Bosch Benchmark Series. Available in 24-inch and 18-inch configurations, the other models in this series come in a variety of exterior finishes (including panel-ready), and can be installed to sit flush with cabinetry if you want a truly modern look.

With more features than Bosch's top-rated 500 and 800 Series, the German-made Benchmark dishwashers clean just as well as other Bosch machines (and that's saying a lot). The best part of the Benchmark Series, though, is that some models can run dishwasher cycles at sound levels of 38 dBA, which is comparable to the ambient noise level in a library.

Near-silent operation is not the only feature that sets the Benchmark apart from the pack. A built-in water softener keeps dishes from getting spotty, while integrated interior lighting and available color LCD display make for easier use. If you can afford it, a dishwasher in the Bosch Benchmark will please you both as a dishwasher and as a neat gadget.


  • Amazing cleaning—one of the best we've tested

  • Clean, modern design

  • Runs at a virtually-inaudible 39 dBA.


  • Its price-to-performance ratio isn't great

  • Its huge list of configurations can be confusing

Miele EcoFlex Futura Lumen

We’ve never encountered a dishwasher like the Miele Futura Lumen EcoFlex G6885SCVi before. In addition to its impressive cleaning ability and a third rack specially designed to hold hard-to-fit items like ramekins and espresso mugs, the Lumen has even more tricks up its sleeve.

The first is Miele’s Knock2Open feature. If you order the Lumen with a panel that matches your cabinetry, you don’t have to add a handle. Just knock twice on the panel and the door will open, revealing a hidden dishwasher. Also, at the end of the cycle, the door automatically cracks open a few inches to help moist air escape so the dishes dry faster. Last but not least is the QuickIntenseWash cycle, a one hour cycle that cleans just about perfectly, and a heat exchanger that gets dishes dry without wasting energy. While it may cost a lot more than your average dishwasher, the Miele EcoFlex Future Lumen more than makes up for it in performance and convenience.


  • Great cleaning performance

  • Runs at a very quiet 42 dBA

  • Efficient cycles use very little water


  • Very expensive—costs over $2000

  • For fastest cycle times, requires pricy custom detergent tabs

Miele EcoFlex Futura Crystal

Like the Futura Lumen, the Miele EcoFlex Futura Crystal G6665SCVi features the one-hour QuickIntenseWash cycle. Our tests show that the QuickIntenseWash cycle cleans just as well as the Normal cycle does, and with a cycle time of about one hour, it will give you an amazingly fast turnaround on your dirty dishes.

While it lacks the Lumen’s Knock2Open and heat exchanger, the Crystal does come with the same auto open feature and third rack as the Lumen. It also has the same glassware cycles, designed to clean delicate stemware and crystal. If the Futura Lumen is a bit too futuristic for you, the EcoFlex Futura Crystal is a great alternative that costs less and still maintains the high standard of cleaning for which Miele is well-known.


  • Amazing cleaning performance

  • Very energy efficient


  • Very expensive

Thermador Sapphire DWHD650JPR (2017)

It’s no surprise that Thermador’s dishwashers are great at cleaning. After all, Thermador is owned by the same parent company as Bosch, and their dishwashers are based on the same design that underpins our top-rated Bosch dishwashers.

The Thermador Sapphire DWHD650JPR dishwasher is shallow enough to fit flush with cabinetry, but still has the ability to fit baking sheets and other tall items. The tines on the lower rack are cleverly arranged such that you can fold down every other one, widening the gaps between them to fit bowls instead of just plates. Extras include blue interior lighting, a very quiet 42 dBA noise rating, and a 2-year full warranty. Best of all, the Thermador Sapphire has dishwasher cycles that are both effective at cleaning and very short; in fact, the Heavy cycle only clocks in at about 90 minutes.


  • Gets dishes very clean, very quickly

  • A great-looking design

  • Lots of features


  • Very expensive—costs over $1600

Thermador Topaz DWHD640JPR (2017)

When a dishwasher isn't the most expensive one in the line-up, it's easy to look at what you're not getting by not laying down some extra cash. For example, while the Thermador Topaz DWHD640JPR dishwasher has the same third rack and most of the same flexible interior options as the Sapphire, it lacks interior lighting and has a noise rating of 44 dBA (that is, it's a little noisier than the Sapphire). The cycle times are also a bit longer than those of the Sapphire.

On the other hand, what you are getting with the Thermador Topaz is a gorgeous, luxe-brand dishwasher with a ton of useful features that has a cleaning performance comparable to the top-tier Sapphire.


  • Great cleaning power and features

  • Runs at a very quiet 44 dBA

  • Can accept a custom panel


  • Very expensive—costs over $1400

Cove DW2450

The Cove DW2450 dishwasher represents the long-awaited first foray of Sub-Zero/Wolf into the dishwasher market. If you already have other Sub-Zero or Wolf appliances in your kitchen, the Cove dishwasher will fit right in. With its top-mounted control panel, bright interior lighting, and light green design touches on the racks, this panel-ready dishwasher looks like a piece of art both on the inside and the outside.

Unfortunately, the Cove's cleaning performance doesn't match up to its impressive looks; we noticed redeposit on all three test cycles. The Normal cycle had the strongest cleaning performance, and removed more than 96% of the stains in our test dish load. If you want a dishwasher to match the other luxury appliances in your kitchen, the Cove DW2450 is a good fit, but if you need your dishes to get 100% clean the first time, we recommend that you consider one of the other dishwashers on this list.


  • Custom panel-ready

  • 5-year full-service warranty


  • Very expensive

  • Has issues with food redeposit

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