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They don’t come cheap—the best Benchmark model (the SHX9PT75UC) carries an MSRP of $2,000—but for any home chef frustrated by the cleanup phase of dinner, here’s your nuclear option.

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There are 13 disparate Benchmark Series dishwashers available in North America, but the easiest way to organize them in your head is this: Benchmark dishwashers simply get quieter as they get more expensive. There are small differences of features along the way, like handle style or that LCD screen, but by and large these are the same dishwashers, getting quieter and quieter, as we move from the $1,299 MSRP SHE7PT52UC at 42 dBA to the $1,999 MSRP SHX9PT75UC at 38 dBA. Just remember, the decibel scale is logarithmic, so 42 dBA is almost twice as loud as 38 dBA.

LCD Display
Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Looney

The SHE9PT55UC and SHE8PT55UC are each equipped with full color TFT LCD displays, like this one.

Beyond that, if your kitchen aesthetic calls for a panel-ready dishwasher you’ll want to shop for one of three such versions: the SHV7PT53UC, SHV8PT53UC, or SHV9PT53UC. Likewise, if you’re interested in the popular TimeLight feature, which beams a laser readout of the cycle time remaining onto your floor, three models have it: the SHX7PT55UC, SHP7PT55UC, and once again the panel-ready SHV7PT53UC.

All Benchmark Series dishwashers are equipped with “RackMatic” height-adjustable upper racks, white interior lighting, and Bosch’s flexible third rack with folding tines. Third racks are often used for silverware, but this one is deep enough to hold large serving utensils or even small bowls.

When we review an entire product line at once, we spell out the differences at the very top of the review. To compare a different product, use the Related Products menu at the top right, or try the handy comparison tool at Bosch’s website.

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Hidden Controls
Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Looney

Benchmark models without front-facing controls have concealed control panels at the top of the door.

Oh yes. After weeks testing dishwashers in this series, we know their Normal cycles are entirely adequate, yet their Heavy Duty cycles absolutely obliterate stuck-on food. Our test stains are much more difficult to clean than your real-world stains will be, yet the SHE8PT55UC—our primary test model—left nary a speck.

We were also impressed by the SHE8PT55UC’s low resource consumption. This model used just 2.5 gallons of hot water per Normal cycle, and under 7 gallons per Heavy Duty. And if you’re in a rush, there’s always the SpeedPerfect cycle, which hastens the cleaning process in exchange for extra water and electricity consumption. This cycle requires just 35 minutes, versus the Normal cycle’s 2 hours.
At the time of writing, you simply can’t do better than Bosch’s Benchmark Series, which stands above all current offerings from Electrolux, the Kenmore Elite series, or even luxury manufacturers like Miele and Thermador. If you want the best, the Benchmark Series is it.

Still, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t call attention to Bosch’s more affordable 500 Series, which offers many of the same features, aesthetics, and even the same wash system as the Benchmark Series. At 44 dBA they’re not as quiet, but they’re a better value for the average consumer.

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