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Despite its traditional perks like a hard food disposer, fan dry, and quick cycles, you can spend less and still get a better dishwasher. If you're specifically looking for a GE dishwasher that mixes old-school features with new technology, we think the $700 GE GDT695SSJSS is a better value even without GE's new silverware jets. On the other hand, if you do want a high-end machine, we suggest checking out the GE Profile PDT855S series; it may cost an extra $300, but it offers a much better clean.

With its chunky handle and sturdy-feeling racks, this dishwasher is pretty much what you expect from GE Profile. In terms of features, you get the following:

• A stainless steel tub with a low noise rating of 42 dBA
• A small screen above the handle that lets you know when a cycle is in progress; other controls (including the timer) are hidden.
• Seven cycles — Normal, Light, Heavy, AutoSense, Express, eWash, and Rinse
• Cycle features — Delay (up to 12 hours), PreSoak, Temperature Select (Boost and Sanitize), and Power Dry.
• An option to wash the upper or lower racks only
• GE’s new Deep Clean silverware jets (which we love)
• A traditional hard food disposal with removable filter
• Four bottle jets on the top rack, plus two rows of stemware holders
• Two rows of adjustable tines each on the upper and lower racks
• Adjustable height settings for the top rack
• A standard 1-year limited parts and labor warranty

It feels good, looks fine, and handles well. All in all, it’s an attractive and versatile package.
What differentiates this machine from other new GE dishwashers is its new Clean Sweep wash arm. It’s meant to get water into those hard-to-reach spots—like corners—more effectively. We like the idea in theory, but found that this GE had trouble getting dishes clean, period.

Compared to other $1,000 dishwashers, the PDT846's Normal and Express cycles were ineffective against our nasty baked-on spinach stains. They even had trouble removing meat and milk stains, which are usually a cinch. Only Heavy Duty got dishes clean.

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GE Profile PDT846S Controls
Credit: GE

The feature set offers useful functionality, and the control layout is sensible—even if you have to scroll through all the cycles to find the one you want.

There is an option to turn on a fan-assisted Power Dry for help drying dishes. Because it isn't activated by default, we didn't use it on our tests. Without it, we found that dishes were still damp across the board, although nothing was soaking wet. Power Dry will solve that problem, but it comes at the cost of reduced energy efficiency and longer cycle times.

And that's exactly what this machine has going for it: A 90-minute Normal cycle is fairly impressive, and if you don’t have the extreme levels of crud left over on your dishes after dinner that we do for our tests, then it should be fine.
Although its list of useful features is long, our tests showed that the GE Profile PDT846S series dishwasher doesn't clean as well as other dishwashers that cost less.

If you like the look of a GE dishwasher, or if you want features like bottle wash, we recommend the GE GDT695SSJSS. At just $700 on sale, it's a much better value—even if it means losing the silverware jets.

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