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The KitchenAid KDTM384ESS shows off some of the world's best dishwasher innovations, including the Clean Water Wash micro-filtration system. Every dishwasher equipped with this feature has done exceptionally well in our lab tests at keeping nasty food particles from settling on otherwise-clean dishes. But the KDTM384ESS isn't just high-tech parts and brilliant engineering: It looks and feels like a premium appliance.

Like other new KitchenAid appliances, it has a thick, knurled handlebar with bold, red endcaps. The door feels sturdy, if a bit heavy, and it stays in any position you leave it in. The racks glide smoothly, the movable parts all snap with a satisfying click when you adjust them, and the control panel is simple and responsive. It's everything you should expect from an upper-tier dishwasher.

This video was recorded inside the KDTE304DSS, which is a previous KitchenAid dishwasher from the Architect Series II line.

You'll know at first glance what sets the KDTM384ESS apart from its predecessors: It has a window. That tinted piece of glass is complemented by a row of interior lights, which turn on when the door is open or when a cycle just finished. This allows you to peek inside the dishwasher without opening the door but, sadly, there's no manual toggle for the light.

Although there are a handful of other dishwashers with a window, such as the Kenmore Elite 14823, this KitchenAid is relatively affordable. With sale prices around $1,079, the KDTM384ESS is one of the cheapest windowed dishwashers currently available. If this is a design feature you know you want, you'll be hard pressed to find a lower price.

For much more information, refer to our full review of the nearly identical KitchenAid KDTM354DSS.

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