Here's a Faucet That Rinses Itself After Each Use

Designer Sarang Sheth created a smarter, simpler faucet.


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Anyone who's ever cleaned or pre-rinsed the dishes knows about the big, glaring design flaw haunting nearly every sink faucet ever made: You're hand-washing your dishes, you've got a nice soapy lather going, all of a sudden the water's too hot, so you reach for the handle and bam! Soap all over the faucet.

Now it's going to leave residue, so now you've got to rinse off the faucet too. But even a wet faucet will leave water stains, so you've got to rinse and dry it. Who's got the time? Life is so difficult.

The Problem

The Problem: Soapy faucets are bad.

But not for Sarang Sheth, industrial designer and solver of this age-old problem. He designed the "Little Twist," a faucet with a handle that protrudes down directly from the spout.

Since the handle is right underneath the water source, it naturally cleans itself off every time. Simply twist the handle to control the flow of water. The water is aerated at the spout, so the handle won't spray water off in every direction.

The Design

Never clean your faucet again! ...Or at least, do it less often.

Adorably, the shape of the handle itself is like a simplified representation of a water spout, communicating how to use this unusual faucet at a glance. Form neatly illustrates function.

You can't buy it yet—the Little Twist is currently only a concept. But if you'd like to help Sarang turn his design into reality, head on over to his website right here.

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