Light Up Your Kitchen With This Funky Glowing Sink

It's the ultimate bathroom nightlight.

Neo-Metro translucen resin glowing sink with Dyson Airblade Tap Credit: / Daniel Wroclawski

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Dwell on Design is always a showcase of some wacky home decor and this year was no exception. One luxury bath fixture manufacturer called Neo-Metro unveiled one of the most futuristic looking designs of the show: a translucent resin sink that glows in bright neon colors.

The fixtures can be made into bars, kitchen islands, and counters.

Hollywood set piece aside, what purpose could such a flashy-looking sink serve? Good question; our first thought was as a bar sink, but that's not all.

A representative from Neo-Metro told us that these translucent resin fixtures are cast as one piece and come in 12 different colors. However, they can be made in pretty much any color imaginable. The fixtures are completely custom and can be made into bars, kitchen islands, and counters. The company has even used the resin to make desks and coffee tables.

Neo-Metro Translucent Resin Sink
Credit: / Daniel Wroclawski

This glowing hot pink sink is quite the eye-catcher.

Neo-Metro also collaborated with Dyson to incorporate its Airblade Tap, which builds a hand dryer into the faucet. This model, however, is intended for restaurants and bars, not homes.

Due to their custom construction, Neo-Metro says the price can vary widely. While the company declined to offer a price range, you can probably guess it's pretty expensive.

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