The ButterUp Knife is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

...and toasting will never be the same.


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ButterUp Knife

ButterUp is not your average butter knife.

It's the great American tragedy: You want nothing more than to butter up your breakfast bacon, but that cold stick of delicious, salted dairy is harder than your cholesterol-clogged arteries. Your attempts to spread the stuff with your pathetic butter knife are futile—the unyielding golden cream rips and tears everything you put it on, including your hopes and dreams.

Luckily, a group of Australian designers has come up with the ideal solution to this harrowing ordeal. Hailing from the mystical land that brought us the electric drill, ultrasound, and drop bears, the ButterUp knife will save millions of breakfast eaters from the frustration of torn, butterless bread.

The genius of the ButterUp is in its simplicity: The knife has a built-in grater along the blunt side of the blade, letting you scrape off thin, spreadable strips of cold butter. It otherwise looks and functions like any other stainless-steel butter knife. It’s so obvious that it’s hard to believe that the human race has persisted without it for this long.

Grater Close-Up

The blunt edge of the ButterUp has a built-in grater.

ButterUp’s Kickstarter has surpassed its original funding goal more than five times over, which just goes to show how integral bread and butter is to life in a civilized society. But you can still pledge your own hard-earned money to get a ButterUp of your own.

This particular Kickstarter operates in a somewhat unusual fashion, though: The more you pledge, the sooner you get a knife. Twelve Aussie dollars will get you a ButterUp in March 2015, $15 AUD will get one in time for Christmas, and at the $60 AUD tier, you can have one as early as next month.

Hero image: Flickr user “yodster” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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