The Best Standing Desk Mats of 2019

By Courtney Campbell, June 11, 2019

With most Americans sitting around for an average of eight hours a day, you may have considered getting a standing desk to add extra movement into your workday. While doing so may make you feel more focused and energized, standing all day is no easy feat. To make things more comfortable, you’re going to need a standing mat to provide cushioning and support.

We spent weeks standing on the best anti-fatigue mats on the market. We found that the Ergodriven Topo (available at Amazon) is not only one of the most comfortable standing mats to use, it's also shaped to accommodate a variety of standing stances. If you can't imagine cushioning your feet with our top pick, don’t worry. Whether you want more support while drying dishes or drying your hair, we've got plenty of other options.

These are the best standing desk mats we tested ranked, in order:

  1. Ergodriven Topo
  2. Cubefit TerraMat
  3. Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat
  4. Amazon Basic
  5. GelPro Anti Fatigue Mat
  6. CumulusPRO
  7. Sky Mats
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Topo Best Overall
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Thanks to the Ergodriven Topo's various slopes, slants, and raised surfaces, you can stand however you like—crossing your legs or standing straight.

Ergodriven Topo

Product Image - Ergodriven Topo
  • Editors' Choice

Ergodriven Topo

Best Overall

The Ergodriven Topo is the perfect standing mat for those who can't stay still. Thanks to the various slopes, slants, and raised surfaces, you can stand however you like—crossing your legs or standing straight. I find that I frequently change positions throughout the day, which takes the pressure off of my heels, back, and legs. Not only is it the most comfortable mat we tested (even after standing on it for several hours), it's also easy to move into place and it didn't slide around during testing.

Royal Best Value
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

The Royal Anti-Fatigue is one of the few basic anti-fatigue mats that didn’t move around or provide any discomfort after standing on it for hours on end.

Royal Anti-Fatigue Mat

Product Image -  Royal Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Editors' Choice

Royal Anti-Fatigue Mat

Best Value

Offering no frills but a ton of comfort, the Royal Anti-Fatigue Mat is a great mat for standing on at work or while washing the dishes. It's one of the few basic anti-fatigue mats that didn’t move around or provide any discomfort after standing on it for hours on end. However, its simplicity and lack of special features (no levels or ledges) prevented it from earning the top spot. However, this mat is more affordable than some of the other models on this list, earning it our Best Value badge.

How We Tested

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

For testing, I worked at the iMovr Lander, which is the best standing desk we tested. I stood on each standing desk mat for a full workday.

The Tester

I’m Courtney Campbell, an e-commerce writer here at Reviewed, and I spend most days sitting at my desk, sifting the internet for the best deals on the best products around. After spending many hours testing standing desks, I learned a thing or two about how important it is to have a comfortable workspace. Despite having found a great standing desk to work at, I wasn't satisfied with the anti-fatigue mat that I was using with it--I found myself fidgeting and shifting on it, constantly. It left me determined to find a standing desk mat that would make standing more enjoyable.

The Tests

The tests mostly involved—you guessed it—standing. I worked at the iMovr Lander, which is the best standing desk we tested, and stood on each standing desk mat for a full workday. I marked the spot of each mat with tape to determine whether or not it slid around during the day and took into consideration how easy it was to move each mat, which is necessary when switching from a standing to sitting position.

Most importantly, I ranked each mat on initial comfort and if that comfort lasted throughout the day. Bonus points were given to mats with special features like raised surfaces or massage balls.

Do I Really Need a Mat for My Standing Desk?

In short, you don’t really need a mat for your standing desk, but they do make standing for hours much more comfortable. While testing standing desks and standing desks converters previously, we found that it was quite uncomfortable to stand without a mat, even more so with a stiff mat. That’s why you should look for a cushioned mat that doesn't slip. Certain mats have topographic features that can also make standing while working more ergonomic, too.

Who is a Standing Desk Mat For?

Even if you’re only standing for a few minutes, you could benefit from a standing desk mat (also known as anti-fatigue mats). Standing desk mats can be used in basically any situation that involves standing such as food prep, dish-washing, cashiering, and so on.

Flat vs. Topographic Standing Desk Mats

There are two major kinds of standing desk mats: Flat and topographic. Flat mats are your basic rectangular mats and will provide cushion whether you’re standing for five minutes or five hours. Topographic mats feature various raised surfaces like mounds and wedges encourages additional movement while standing. These would work best for those who tend to fidget and want more out of their standing experience.

Other Standing Desk Mats We Tested

CubeFit TerraMat

Product Image - CubeFit TerraMat

CubeFit TerraMat

The Cubefit TerraMat is another great mat for those who tend to move around a bunch. It has a balance bar, massage mounds, and a power wedge, which help with exercises like calf raises. Not only is the mat easy to move around, but it also didn’t shift when standing on it. While there’s a lot we like, it lost the initial comfort after standing on it all day.

AmazonBasics Anti-Fatigue Mat

Product Image - AmazonBasics Anti-Fatigue Mat

Where To Buy

$29.99 Amazon Buy

AmazonBasics Anti-Fatigue Mat

The AmazonBasics is a good standing desk mat for those who want something basic. Even without any mounds or raised bars, this mat is still comfortable enough to stand on for several hours. Plus, I didn’t slip while using it. While I’m not a huge fan of the criss-cross pattern that spans the length of the mat, it might look good under a sink while washing dishes.

GelPro NewLife Eco-Pro Commercial Mat, 20x32

Product Image - GelPro NewLife Eco-Pro Commercial Mat, 20x32

GelPro NewLife Eco-Pro Commercial Mat, 20x32

Initially, I was pretty excited to sample the GelPro mat, as it feels like you’re stepping on a cloud. However, almost immediately after using it, I noticed scuff marks and imprints on my boots. Not to mention that it’s more expensive than the other mats we tested and there are no special features. Despite the initial comfort, it didn’t feel any more comfortable than some of the other mats.

Imprint Comfort Mats CumulusPro Commercial Couture Strata

Product Image - Imprint Comfort Mats CumulusPro Commercial Couture Strata

Imprint Comfort Mats CumulusPro Commercial Couture Strata

The CumulusPro's wavy design is really cool and stylish, but its performance didn't match the look. This mat is very stiff and hard, making it very uncomfortable to stand on after 30 minutes or so. It also moved quite a bit during usage, especially when I shifted my foot off of the mat in an attempt to make it more comfortable.

Sky Solutions Genius Mat

Product Image - Sky Solutions Genius Mat

Sky Solutions Genius Mat

With its balance bars, wedges, and a rolling massage ball, the Genius Mat seems like it’d be a comfortable experience. However, after standing on the mat for a full workday, it leaves a lot to be desired. It’s lightweight and easy to move, sure, but it slid all over the place during testing. Also, its coolest feature—the rolling massage ball—isn’t all that useful unless you’re shoeless, which you can't really do in an office environment.

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