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12 subscription boxes to help you keep your resolutions

New year, new subscription box!

Whether you're trying to eat healthy or save money, these monthly subscriptions can help. Credit: Trunk Club / Glossybox

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2020? If so, have you kept it so far?

Even if you’ve fallen off the wagon, that doesn’t mean you have to give up! It’s tough to build new habits—whether it’s eating better, saving money, or something else completely—which is why you need to set yourself up for success. It’s important to take small steps toward your goal and surround yourself with tools that will make your new habit stick—like subscription boxes! Yes, really. Hear me out.

There are subscription boxes for just about anything you can dream of these days, and they’re a great way to remind yourself of your resolutions and keep yourself on track. Here are 12 great monthly subscriptions tailored toward several popular New Year goals.

1. If you’re trying to eat healthier: Home Chef

Home Chef
Credit: Home Chef

Meal kits like Home Chef can help you eat healthier this year.

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to clean up your diet—I know I’ve set this goal for myself multiple times to varying degrees of success. If you tend to succumb to the convenience of takeout because you don’t have time to go to the grocery store, a meal kit subscription can definitely help you.

Home Chef is our favorite meal kit thanks to its high-quality ingredients, well-written recipes, and fantastic flavors. The meals start at $6.99 per serving, and you can choose from 16 dinner options per week. The ingredients will show up on your doorstep each week, so you have no excuse to not eat the delicious, healthy meals.

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2. If you’re trying to workout more: Ellie

Credit: Ellie

Motivate yourself to hit the gym with new workout clothes!

If, like me, you’ve vowed to make fitness a priority in 2020, you can motivate yourself to do just that with a new collection of workout clothes. Ellie is an activewear subscription box, and each month, they’ll send you a cute new outfit to flaunt at the gym.

You can choose to receive 2, 3 or 5 pieces each month for $39.95, $44.95, or $49.95, respectively. There are several pre-styled looks to choose from, and if you’re not happy with the outfit, you can return it for a full refund.

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3. If you’re trying to prioritize skincare: Glossybox

Credit: Glossybox

Glossybox will inspire you to take better care of your skin.

If you’re guilty of going to bed with makeup on or skipping your daily moisturizer, a subscription like Glossybox will encourage you to give your skin the TLC it deserves. Glossybox sends you five full-size beauty products every month, helping you to discover awesome new skincare, makeup, and hair care brands. This box starts at $21 for one month, but if you sign up for a longer subscription, you’ll get a discount on the monthly price.

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4. If you’re trying to save money: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club
Credit: Dollar Shave Club

Save on bathroom supplies like razors and soap!

Who couldn’t use a little extra money in their wallet? If you’re trying to stick to a budget or make smarter financial decisions, you might want to join Dollar Shave Club, which can help you save money on essentials like razor blades.

Dollar Shave Club offers a wide range of unisex bathroom products, but we particularly think their razor blades are a good deal—you get a monthly delivery of fresh blades, starting at just $4. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot less than what I pay for my razor blades. You can also add on other products you might need, such as deodorant, soap, toothpaste, and so on.

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5. If you’re trying to read more: Book of the Month

Book of the Month
Credit: Book of the Month

Book of the Month will help you achieve your goal of reading more.

Here’s another one of my resolutions! There are multiple benefits to reading books—it provides mental stimulation and helps reduce stress, to name a few—and even if you don’t have time to hit up the library, you can get a new book every four weeks with Book of the Month.

This subscription service costs $14.99 a month, and you get to pick one of their five monthly books to recieve. They place an emphasis on early releases, fresh perspectives, and debut authors, so you’ll always have something new to discover.

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6. If you’re trying to practice self-care: FabFitFun

Credit: FabFitFun

FabFitFun boxes are filled with items to help pamper yourself.

Were you a ball of stress in 2019? Then maybe it’s time to invest in some self-care. FabFitFun can help in that department. This quarterly subscription box costs $49.99, and it includes eight to 10 full-size, premium items, including beauty products, stylish accessories, wellness products, and more. Basically, everything you need to pamper yourself this year.

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7. If you’re trying to stop buying coffee: MistoBox

Credit: Mistobox

Mistobox was the best coffee subscription in our testing.

Do you find yourself buying coffee every morning, even though you have a coffee pot at home? To save some money, you might be trying to kick your Starbucks or Dunkin habit, and MistoBox can help.

This box won our award for the best coffee subscription thanks to its wide coffee selection, fast shipment, and grade-A customer service. You’ll get to try a new variety of coffee every month for $19.95, hopefully inspiring you to brew your morning cup of joe at home.

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8. If you’re trying to quit coffee altogether: Sips By

Sips By
Credit: Sips By

Kick your coffee habit with monthly deliveries of tea!

Or maybe you’re trying to stop drinking coffee completely! If this is the case, we’d recommend Sips By, a tea subscription box that costs $15 a month. In each box, you’ll receive four types of tea specifically chosen for you, and you’ll be able to make 15 or more cups of tea with each delivery. It’s a great way to find new varieties you love, so you’ll barely miss your morning coffee.

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9. If you’re trying to dress better: Trunk Club

Trunk Club
Credit: Trunk Club

Every trunk is filled with clothes picked specially for you.

Trying to build out your wardrobe? Whether you need more work, casual, or even workout clothing, Trunk Club can help you out. This Nordstrom-based personal styling service caters to both men and women, and it costs just $25 per delivery.

Your personal stylist will ask you questions about your tastes and what kind of clothes you need, then send you a curated “trunk” full of the latest fashions. You’re able to try on the clothes, then you keep the ones you like and return the ones you don’t—and if you keep any, the $25 delivery fee goes toward your purchase.

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10. If you’re trying to improve your relationship: Crated with Love

Crated with Love
Credit: Crated with Love

These fun date night activities will keep you laughing for hours.

You can spice up your relationship with fun monthly activities from Crated with Love. For $19.99 per month, you’ll receive a date in a box—there are fun activities and games to help couples laugh and connect. There’s a new theme each month, such as The Hunt for Blackbeard's Plunder and The Red Planet, to keep you and your partner engaged. With this subscription, you’ll never have an excuse to skip date night!

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11. If you’re trying to be more creative: Adults & Crafts Crate

Adults & Crafts Crate
Credit: Adults & Crafts Crate

Find your creative spark with these fun DIY crafts.

Exercise your right brain a little more with the help of the Adults & Crafts Crate. This subscription delivers fun DIY activities to your door every month for $33. The crafts include things like a clock-making kit, seasonal wreaths, a wood-burning kit, and more. Each kit includes all the materials, tools, and instructions you need—you’ll be amazed at what you can create

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12. If you’re trying to be more socially conscious: Causebox

Credit: Causebox

Causebox will introduce you to amazing socially conscious brands.

If 2020 is the year you shop with more intention, Causebox can help you discover some of the world’s best socially conscious brands. Your quarterly box costs $49.95 and contains more than $200 worth of goodies, including things like home goods, accessories, beauty products, and more. Who knows what ethically made products you’ll fall in love with!

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