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14 cozy things you need at home this winter

Coziness is a way of life

These winter essentials will keep you comfy and cozy, no matter the weather. Credit: Aku Tonpa / Best Home Fashion

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There’s so much to love about winter: the beauty of fresh snow, the pretty holiday lights, the cold temperatures as an excuse to stay home all the time. Even if you’re more of a summer person, you have to admit it’s incredibly satisfying to get cozy by the fire on a winter day and watch Netflix for too many hours without worrying about getting dressed or being social.

As you might be able to tell, cozy is my preferred state in the wintertime, which is why I think everyone should own these 14 items that will help you stay warm and comfy all through the season.

1. A luxurious faux-fur throw blanket

Throw Blanket
Credit: Best Home Fashion

A fuzzy throw is perfect for wintertime.

Throw blankets are a must-have for cuddling up on the couch during the winter, and a faux fur blanket will make you feel extra cozy. This Bleached Finn Faux Fur Throw would make an elegant accent in your living room, and it will keep you toasty warm, even when the weather outside is frightful. Plus, at 60” by 58”, it’s big enough to share with a friend.

Get the Bleached Finn Faux Fur Throw from Home Depot for $139.99

2. Fleece-lined socks to keep your toes warm

UGG socks
Credit: UGG

Protect your toes from the cold with fleece-lined socks.

I’m pretty sure it’s scientifically impossible to feel cozy if your toes are cold, which is why everyone needs a few pairs of fuzzy socks, like these fleece-lined ones from UGG. These adorable socks have a cable-knit pattern and a plush fleece lining, and there are a number of pretty colors to choose from.

Get the UGG Pom Pom Fleece Lined Socks from Nordstrom for $49.50

3. Our favorite lofty down comforter

Credit: The Company Store

This luxurious down comforter is lofty and warm.

Down comforters are a must-have in the winter, especially if you live up north, and one of our favorite comforters is the Alberta Euro Down option from The Company Store. Not only is this blanket super lofty, luxurious and warm, but it comes in three weights including “extra warmth,” which is perfect for cuddling up in the winter.

Get the Alberta Extra Warmth White Queen Euro Down Comforter from Home Depot for $449

4. Flameless candles for ambiance (and safety)

Flameless candle
Credit: Aku Tonpa

These flameless candles look just like the real thing.

You can set the mood for cold-weather self-care with a set of these flameless candles. They have a realistic moving flame, but they’re powered by LED lights, so they’re safe to use around kids and stay cool to the touch. You can control the candles using the included remote, and there are several styles to choose from, but we particularly like these orange-toned ones.

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Get the Aku Tonpa Glass Flameless Candles on Amazon for $25.99

5. A pair of toasty flannel pajamas

Flannel Pajamas
Credit: The Company Store

Cozy flannel pajamas are ideal for winter.

If you like to stay in your pajamas all day long on winter weekends, these delightful flannel pajamas will quickly become your favorite outfit. The two-piece set comes in a festive plaid pattern and are made from 100% cotton. They’ll keep you warm from head to toe, and you can even get matching sets for the whole family, including the dog!

Get the Company Store Family Flannel Whitaker 2-Piece Classic Pajama Set from Home Depot for $59

6. The best weighted blanket money can buy

Gravity blanket
Credit: Gravity

The Gravity blanket feels like a warm hug.

There’s nothing better than a weighted blanket to help you relax, and the best weighted blanket out there is the iconic Gravity Blanket, with is worth every penny of its high price tag. It comes in several weight options and colors, and this high-quality blanket will help you relax and drift off to sleep as it wraps you up like a hug.

Get the Gravity Blanket for $249

7. A stylish candle warmer

Candle Warmer
Credit: Candle Warmers Etc.

You can use this wax warmer with wax melts or candles.

Whether you want to use max welts or amp up the smell of your favorite candle, this two-in-one fragrance warmer will do the trick. The slate gray dish can hold wax or candles, and it warms up its contents to release the scent safely and more cleanly. Many reviewers say it’s quite stylish and it gets top marks for performance, as well.

Get the Slate 2-in-1 Classic Fragrance Warmer from Home Depot for $15.14

8. An extra-thick robe to banish post-shower chills

Credit: Brooklinen

These plush robes are made from 100% Turkish cotton.

It’s always jarring to step out of a steamy shower, only to be greeted by a wave of frosty air. That’s why you need this Super-Plush Robe for the wintertime—it will help you stay nice and warm when you step out of the shower, thanks to its thick 100% Turkish cotton fabric and substantial weight.

Get the Super-Plush Robe from Brooklinen for $98

9. An oversized blanket-sweatshirt combo

The Comfy
Credit: The Comfy

This is what you get when you cross a blanket and a hoodie.

We all know someone who would love this blanket-sweatshirt hybrid. The Comfy is essentially a blanket that you can wear—it’s a thick sherpa material made into an oversized sweater. It includes a hood and large front pocket, and you can easily curl your whole body up inside the spacious interior. There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and The Comfy also comes in kids sizes, too.

Get The Comfy on Amazon for $39.99

10. A cookbook full of delicious comfort foods


This is my go-to cookbook for delicious comfort food.

At the end of a cold winter day, there’s nothing better than sitting down to a hearty meal, and one of my favorite cookbooks for rich comfort food is Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. This book has amazing recipes for all your favorites, including mac and cheese, chicken wings, and all sorts of soups. I’m made many of the dishes myself, and I love them all. 10/10 would recommend.

Get Cravings from Amazon for $20.41

11. Our favorite electric blanket

Electric Blanket
Credit: Berkshire Blankets

This electric blanket has two controllers for dual warmth zones.

For particularly cold days, an electric blanket can keep you toasty warm, whether you’re hanging out on the couch or heading off to bed. The best electric blanket in our testing was this model made by Berkshire Blanket, which has super thin wires, a plush, cozy exterior, dual zones and a variety of heat settings.

Get the Berkshire Blanket Heated Blanket with Intellisense for $160

12. An extra-large blanket to wrap the whole family up in

Big Blanket
Credit: Big Blanket

As its name suggests, this blanket is seriously big.

The best way to make a human burrito is with the Big Blanket, which is beloved by our editor Kate and her cats. These oversized blankets measure 10’ by 10’ and are perfect for when you want to relax with the whole family, as no one will be hogging the blanket. There are a few styles to choose from, including the premium woven big blankets, which are super soft and come in a variety of stylish patterns.

Get the Premium Woven Big Blanket for $189

13. These cult-favorite flannel sheets

Flannel Sheets
Credit: L.L. Bean

These flannel sheets have hundreds of glowing reviews.

If you’re going to buy flannel sheets for you bed, you have to get these super-popular ones from L.L. Bean. The Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set is woven in Portugal and made from 100% brushed cotton flannel, and reviewers rave about how wonderful these sheets are, writing that they’re amazing soft, warm and cozy in the winter.

Get the L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Queen Flannel Sheet Set for $119

14. Really good hot chocolate

Hot cocoa
Credit: Ghirardelli

This is one of the best hot chocolate mixes you can buy.

Hot chocolate is a staple in the winter, and you can’t get the cheap stuff. Instead, treat yourself to an amazingly rich and delectable cup of hot cocoa with the Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Envelopes. You get 15 packets per box, and reviewers say its the best hot chocolate mix on the market.

Get the Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Envelopes on Amazon for $12.96

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