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14 Target-worthy pieces of farmhouse decor you can get from Home Depot

It’s easier than you think to turn your home into a cozy farmhouse.

Shelves on a kitchen with decor Credit: Old Dutch

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I grew up on a farm. Or, let me amend that: I grew up with chickens. That counts, right? Okay, maybe not. At the very least I can say that to this day, farmhouse decor makes me feel like I’m back home. I know I’m not alone here, either. Whether you wake up early to milk the cows or to catch the commuter line into the city, bringing in pieces of rustic decor can make your home feel a little warmer, cozier, and more lived-in. (Not sure if it’s right for you? We have a guide for that!). I can’t take my grandma with me everywhere I go, but I can at least make her proud with a decor style that centers family, food, and comfort.

It can be hard to know where to start with a new design style. But there’s great news here: Home Depot can be your one-stop-shop for all things farmhouse. If this surprises you, don’t worry—it surprised me too! You might associate Home Depot with more intensive home renovation, and while this certainly isn’t wrong, they have way more to offer. Recently, Home Depot has gone from the place I visit to replace a busted window lock, to one of my favorite places to look for home decor. From rugs to serving platters to dried plants to laundry baskets, they’ve got your interior covered.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent years of your life looking for these items on Target—and while I definitely still have a soft spot for Target, it doesn’t have to be the first and last place you look for farmhouse decor. Here are some great products from Home Depot that match or exceed Target for rustic flair.

1. An easy-to-clean dish to keep your butter from melting

Butter dish
Credit: Kilner

What says farmhouse more than a literal butter churner?

A nice butter dish is one of those little embellishments that can help steer the style of your whole kitchen. Consider, for instance, a friend of mine who bought a butter dish in the shape of a bashful hippo. That choice definitely said something.

If what you want to say is something a little more charming and rustic, Home Depot has you covered. Home Depot has so many cute butter dishes, it was hard to pick just one for this list. Target has a few simple butter dishes as well, but I especially love this sweet glass dish from Home Depot for its classic, homey-but-elegant farmyard design.

This butter dish also comes with an actual butter churner, which is honestly just cool. One reviewer noted that she used it to make flavored butter during the holiday season, while another reviewer explained, "This little butter making machine is just wonderful. Not only did my family and I have fun making the butter, but it was the best butter I have ever tasted. Use it a few times monthly."

Get the Kilner Butter Churning Glass Set from Home Depot for $48.39

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2. A natural fiber rug to warm up your living space

Fiber rug
Credit: nuLOOM

This rug is neutral enough to go with anything, but it works especially well with farmhouse or coastal decor.

Not only are natural fiber rugs gorgeous and versatile, they also make some super satisfying sounds when you run a vacuum over them. These options from Home Depot and Target are pretty similar in appearance, price, and average customer rating—but, it’s only fair to note, Home Depot blows Target out of the water when it comes to the number of positive ratings.

Reviewer Spandocmom writes that Home Depot’s rug "has a nice nubby texture and a plump feel underfoot. It looks lovely on the dark-stained wood floor of my guest room and sets just the tone that I wanted. The rug is well-made of new fibers and very tightly woven." Other reviewers on both the Target and Home Depot sites do mention that parts of the rug start to unravel with use, so just be sure you’re okay with the extra rustic look of fraying edges before you splurge on one of these rugs.

Get the nuLOOM Hailey Farmhouse Solid Jute Tan Area Rug from Home Depot for $122.99

3. A dining chair set to focus on the two most important things in life: comfort and eating

Credit: StyleWell

This chair is great for dining, but it’s also classy enough to spruce up an office.

I’m all in for furniture that looks classic and contemporary at the same time. These upholstered dining chairs walk that line perfectly, with the version from Home Depot hitting a look that reviewer RobDIY calls “dressy country/farmhouse.” Along with many other reviewers, RobDIY says the padding feels firm and well made, and that assembly is quick and painless.

Lots of reviewers also agree that although these Home Depot chairs work perfectly in the dining room, they’re also nice in the office and other areas of the house. Not too shabby, considering they’re almost half the price of their Target equivalent!

Get the Bakerford Walnut Finish Upholstered Dining Chair with Biscuit Beige Seat (Set of 2) from Home Depot for $143.40

4. A canister set to keep your ingredients (farm) fresh

tin canisters
Credit: Old Dutch

The lids on this set are so airtight, some reviewers mention it takes a little extra muscle to remove them.

This copper canister set brings me right back to my childhood, helping my mom spoon flour and sugar out of similar canisters to muffins in the morning. There’s a tight market for food storage, but I love these for pantry basics.

The hammered finish gives these tins a nicely imperfect look, but there’s more to this set than aesthetics—they’re super practical! Reviewers say the lids are truly airtight, meaning your brown sugar won’t harden, and you won’t get bugs in your cake flour (gross, I know).

Although Target offers options for ceramic kitchen storage sets, I wasn’t able to find a lidded tin set. If you love these canisters as much as I do, you’ll want to stick with Home Depot.

Get the 4-Piece Hammered Antique Copper Canister Set from Home Depot for $55.60

5. A set of bookends to hold up your favorite novels

Dog bookends
Credit: Litton Lane

These trusty guard dogs will stop anyone from stealing your favorite book/personal diary.

When I was a kid, there was nothing I wanted more than a nice set of bookends. Something about them just lends such a classic and romantic air to a reading space. Apparently that sentiment doesn’t go away with age: I still love a good bookend, and reviewers of this one from Home Depot agree that they give a space a touch of old-world class.

These faithful dogs look like they’re dying to chase a fox around the farm. I can imagine them being used to prop up your favorite cookbooks on a kitchen shelf just as easily as I could see them in a living room or office. Target offers an aesthetically similar wrought iron bookend styled with little birds, but I prefer the stability and adamant positive reviews from Home Depot’s take on the concept.

Get the Dark Brown Sitting Dog Bookends from Home Depot for $37.39

6. A spring wreath to bring the country to your front door

Flower wreath
Credit: National Tree Company

Who says you have to put the wreath away after the snow melts?

It’s not news to me that Home Depot offers some great faux plants, but this spring wreath might be my new favorite. The colors are bright and fun, but I actually think it could work all the way through summer and early fall. It’s small enough that it can liven up a house or apartment door without completely taking over, making it a great way to bring some farmhouse vibes to you, no matter where you are.

Reviewer Rissa attests to this, saying, "I was looking for a wreath that wasn’t too much but would add just enough bright colors to my front door and this one is perfect. Lightweight, perfect size, and great colors. Highly recommend!" By contrast, I’m just not a huge fan of Target’s faux plants and flowers. Target has plenty of strong areas, but this isn’t one of them.

Get the National Tree Company Flower Wreath from Home Depot for $19.99

7. A couch that can fit both the farm dog and the farmer

Credit: Home Decorators Collection

Although reviewers love this couch, they warn it’s pretty firm, so think twice before volunteering to sleep on it over Thanksgiving.

This spacious couch from Home Depot is another good example of “dressy farmhouse”—and if you pair it with Home Depot’s upholstered chairs, you’ll tie the dining room and living room together without even trying. This couch is sturdy, roomy, and well-made in a way its Target equivalents just aren’t. Buyers echo each other, saying the couch is durable, comfortable, and definitely worth the price. A number of reviewers also mention that the cushions are pretty firm, so if you’re looking for a super squishy seat, look elsewhere (and please appreciate that I’m jealous of you for apparently not having any problems with your lower back)!

Get the Emma Textured Natural Polyester Chenille Sofa from Home Depot for $655.31

8. A tisket, a tasket, a multipurpose basket

Wicker basket
Credit: Vintiquewise

On top of being super cute, this basket is designed to be sturdy enough to hold up even with heavy use.

These rustic braided baskets can be used to hold laundry, extra pillows and blankets, or for even more creative purposes. As someone who has had a similar basket before and eventually accidentally ripped the handles clean off, I’m a big fan of how the version from Home Depot wraps the wicker around metal rings. It’s a small change, but just that much more durable and aesthetically appealing.

Get the Large Round Water Hyacinth Wicker Laundry Basket from Home Depot for $53.97

9. A mounted coat rack to create space out of nothing

Coat rack
Credit: Southern Enterprises

For those of us who can’t have a mud room, investing in a nice coat rack is practically mandatory.

Who among us has enough closet space? This mounted coat rack would solve all my problems. The combination of wood and distressed metal is perfect for introducing some farmhouse elements into an entryway. It’s also, according to reviewers, easy to install and sturdy once it's in place. Although Target has some hanging racks that include shelf space, this one’s look and affordable price set it apart.

Get the Clytie Dark Oak Wall Mounted Coat Rack from Home Depot for $18.40

10. A kitchen buffet and hutch to prove to yourself that you’re settled in

Kitchen hutch
Credit: StyleWell

Less obtrusive than a large kitchen island, this buffet offers extra storage and counter space.

A kitchen hutch is a great way to maximize storage space while also giving a sense of contemporary homeyness. Maybe it’s just the sheer size and weight of these buffets, but something about them makes me think about putting down roots. You know you’re done moving around for a while when you’ve got a six-foot-tall kitchen hutch to provide for.

Home Depot reviewers do mention that the size and weight can make this buffet a little tricky to put together, so grab a friend to help you out. Speaking to this, reviewer Poncho says, "Instructions were diagrammed and clearly written with the exception of putting together the shelves on lower cabinet, but I figured it out after a few minutes. Took less than three hours total for assembly. Appears to be high quality and a good value. Will keep it for a long time." When you compare this Home Depot buffet to the option at Target, which is almost double the price and so far lacking positive reviews, it makes you really appreciate this buffet as both a deal and an investment.

Get the Bainport Ivory Wood Buffet Table with Haze Top from Home Depot for $349

11. A set of salad bowls to celebrate the harvest

Wooden bowls
Credit: Lipper

These bowl are great for fruit and salad, but you might think twice about loading them up with soup or cereal.

Eating out of wooden bowls feels farmhouse-y enough on its own, but this set from Home Depot gets extra points for its built-to-last quality and its unique wavy rim. Cynthia, a Home Depot shopper, writes that the bowls have "High-quality wood and very good appearance." If you get this set, just make sure to take good care of it—the wood is gorgeous and durable, but it shouldn’t be placed in a dishwasher, oven, or freezer. On the other hand, for those of us who drop bowls on the kitchen floor at least once a week, it’s pretty satisfying to know these ones would likely survive the fall!

Get the Acacia 6 in. Wavy Rim Bowl (Set of 4) from Home Depot for $39.03

12. A round wall mirror to bring in light and open up your space

Wall mirror
Credit: Howard Elliott

The design of this mirror could be reminiscent of two mounted horseshoes facing each other.

Oversized round wall mirrors are very in, and it’s a trend I can fully get behind. Mirrors like these crop up frequently in contemporary and minimalist spaces, but the distressed metal gives this one from Home Depot a rustic edge. Adding mirrors around a house can make it feel bigger and brighter—perfect for the feeling of an airy farmhouse!

Reviewer Karen writes that this mirror is “absolutely worth every penny. I had it shipped to the store and arrived quickly and undamaged. Would definitely recommend this mirror. It is absolutely beautiful!"

Get the Round Orbit Burnished Copper Mirror from Home Depot for $266.94

13. A terrace lantern to brighten up a snuggly evening

Credit: Stonebriar Collection

With a real flame or an electric candle, this lantern could work anywhere inside the house or out of it.

For an ultra cozy, old-timey farmhouse feeling, check out this sweet Home Depot terrace lantern. Target has a variation on this same concept, but the design is a little different, and it’s yet to earn positive reviews. The beautifully weathered lantern from Home Depot, however, has gotten the thumbs up from buyers for its whimsical appearance and durable build.

One reviewer, Kitkat, writers, "Distinguishable wear and markings make it seem like it's aged a hundred years. Extremely easy to put a candle in from the bottom of the lantern and looks super cool with the lit candle, really lights up the entire lantern. I'm thinking of buying another for the outside patio table. Absolutely love it!"

Like Kitkat mentions, an electric candle can make this lantern ready for extended indoor use, but it also works with a real flame. This lantern is on sale right now, but even when it’s not, it’s more affordable than Target’s comparable piece.

Get the Cafe Terrace Lantern from Home Depot for $31.14

14. A rooster board for cooking, entertaining, and decorating your home

Rooster board
Credit: J.K. Adams

Investing in flexible, functional decor that can be used in multiple ways is a great way to save money and storage space.

When it comes to farmhouse decor, the king of the coop has got to be the rooster (and also when it comes to, well, the coop). I love decor that’s fully functional, and you could definitely put this board to use in more ways than one. You can chop on it, of course, but it would also make an adorable serving platter for a local cheese board. Or you could do what reviewer Minnie did, and make it fully decorative. "I used the board for kitchen decor, not food prep or serving,” she writes. “Several coats of a brownish-red paint made it perfect for my cottage kitchen."

Target also offers a nice looking rooster-shaped serving platter, but it seems to be made of stone, meaning it won’t double as a cutting board. Plus, it’s more than twice the price of the cutting board from Home Depot!]

Get the Maple Rooster Shaped Board from Home Depot for $26

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