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15 things to buy yourself from Wayfair

Break out the gift card and check out our recommendations

15 things to buy yourself from Wayfair Credit: Beachcrest Home / Laurel Foundry

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Everyone thinks the best time to shop is at the beginning of the holiday season, or maybe around back-to-school time. But there’s a hidden gem to consider: the post-holiday slump, or the time between Christmas and the new year when everyone’s looking to spend their new gift cards and find excuses not to work.

It’s also a great time to be shopping clearance sales—top brands and stores are motivated to clear out merchandise to make way for new items, and you’re the one who stands to benefit.

If you’ve got a Wayfair gift card, now’s the time to shop for bedding, pet supplies, lighting, and all manner of kitchen essentials. Pick up that bacon grease container you’ve had your eye on during the gifting season or finally cave and get yourself an Instant Pot—the world is your oyster. Or Wayfair is your oyster? Either way, check out our top picks for the best things to buy yourself from Wayfair before the year ends.

1. A bed fit for a (dog) king

Dog bed
Credit: Archie & Oscar

Good luck resisting the urge to lie on this bed yourself.

Every dog has its day, but it also needs to have a good night’s sleep, and the Fiona Dog Bolster is just the ticket for that. The bed has over 1,400 total reviews and nearly 1,000 of those are five-star ratings, so this seems like the ideal place for any pooch to get some shut eye.

The bed has a quilted sleep surface wrapped around a memory foam mattress to maximize comfort for every dog. Three sides have raised bolsters so dogs can rest their heads and keep themselves elevated while sleeping.

Get the Fiona Dog Bolster from Wayfair for $23.99

2. The steampunk lamp of your dreams

Credit: Williston Forge

This floor lamp is as gorgeous as it is practical.

The Carlisle Floor Lamp is a highly rated floor lamp that has tons of personality. Its all metal body and industrial design are fan favorites, earning the lamp a 4.7 overall rating after 1,800 reviews.

The aesthetic is what I appreciate most about this piece. It has the functionality of a lighting fixture, yes, but it has a unique style so that it isn’t just another drab piece of furniture. Instead, it stands out and becomes a conversation piece unto itself so that you can start making your whole space feel like it’s been carefully curated.

Get the Carlisle Floor Lamp from Wayfair for $114.70

3. A trunk for your junk

Credit: Laurel Foundry

You can store everything from magazines to crafts in this trunk.

Of course, by junk I mean all your treasured items that spark joy in your life. But seriously, storage space can be hard to come by if you live in a small space or have a lot of treasures that you’ve accumulated over time.

The Glenns Storage Trunk has a ton of storage that’s great for linens, knitting supplies, and anything else you can think of really. Its versatility is what makes it really great if you live in a small space because it’s sturdy enough to serve as extra seating or a coffee table.

Get the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Glenns Storage Trunk from Wayfair for $357.74

4. This standing mixer that changed my life

Stand mixer
Credit: KitchenAid

Don’t be surprised when you start treating your stand mixer like an actual child.

Ever since I got a stand mixer, my life’s been broken into two distinct periods: Before Stand Mixer (BSM) and After Stand Mixer (ASM). BSM was a dark era when making bread would require endless minutes spent kneading dough and I couldn’t achieve stiff peaks to make meringues. ASM has been a true golden era of easy mixing so I can be bolder and more adventurous while baking.

If you enjoy baking at all, like even the slightest bit, a stand mixer is just the perfect tool to have. And at the very least, it looks so cool on Instagram too.

Get the KitchenAid Classic Plus 10 Speed 4.5 Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer from Wayfair for $199.99

5. A literal tabletop game

Foosball table
Credit: Red Barrel Studio

Forget the coffee table book—get a foosball table.

On the whole I think coffee tables are a colossal waste of space. Sure it’s nice to have a table in the middle of the living room for food and drinks, but it takes up so much space and end tables do the same thing while being more out of the way. But if the trunk showed you anything about me, it’s that I love versatile pieces of furniture.

The Weist Wood Foosball Table has it all really. I can’t imagine a better combination of furniture. Sure the actual foosball part is a little on the small side, but being able to casually play while sitting in your living while your coffee safely rests on top just sounds like a treat and dream.

Get the Red Barrel Studio Weist 45’’ Wood Foosball Table from Wayfair for $384.99

6. A new pillow because you deserve it

Credit: Wayfair Basics

Can you ever turn down a fresh new pillow?

Pillows need to be replaced more often than you think. The filling can degrade and get thinner over time so that they become less and less comfortable. On a more dire note, moisture like sweat and drool can lead to mold growing on the inside, which can cause health problems if you sleep on it long enough.

A good, basic pillow can make you more comfortable and ensure that you’re safe from mold. Remember that you shouldn’t hold on to a single pillow for too long, so take this chance to upgrade now.

Get the Wayfair Basics Firm Polyfill Bed Pillow from Wayfair for $24.99

7. A throne for your office

Executive chair
Credit: Laurel Foundry

Upgrade your office chair with this beauty.

You might not be a high-powered executive, but you still deserve maximum comfort when you’re sitting at your desk. A basic office chair is good and certainly beats a folding chair, but if you want to truly feel like a big shot then you deserve the right type of seat.

An executive chair is a great gift for yourself. If you work from home or simply have a home office with a desk, you want something that looks good and feels even better. The State Line Executive Chair is has an average rating of 4.5 stars because of its soft cushioning and padding. The color might not be to your taste, but the luxury will be.

Get the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse State Line Executive Chair from Wayfair for $184.98

8. And a fine desk to match

Exec desk
Credit: Three Posts

L-shaped desks provide more space for working.

An executive chair would look mighty out of place without a good desk to match. Sure any desk would do, but a luxurious chair is best paired with a dignified work station.

I’ve long had my eye on something like the Mirabel L-Shape Executive Desk just because of the sheer amount of space it offers. While I don’t necessarily need all that room for writing, it’d certainly be great to have for other pursuits like painting and sewing. After all, a desk doesn’t have to only be for work.

Get the Three Posts Mirabel L-Shape Executive Desk from Wayfair for $262.99

9. Brand new curtains for the new year

Credit: Astoria Grand

Upgrade your curtain game with this set.

A fun fact about me is that my apartment comes with curtains because it has such tall windows. This is great because I never have to worry about them, but the tradeoff is that I can’t have any fun designs and must content myself with the (nice but) plain curtains my landlord gave me.

A bold design or colors that go with the season would be lovely to have. Having something with a bit of drapery for flair and to really stand out from the walls can elevate a room, while also providing privacy from people who want to look inside your house.

Get the Astoria Grand Heideman Damask Room Darkening Rod Pocket Curtain Panel from Wayfair for $46.99

10. This entertainment center with a built-in fireplace

TV stand
Credit: Beachcrest Home

Display your TV with pride on this unit.

An entertainment console is one of the pieces of furniture that lets you know you’ve really made it. If your TV has its own perch and your bookcase can just be for books, then you know you’re an adult.

But Beachcrest Home’s Sunbury TV Stand takes things an extra step further by adding an electric fireplace to the console. This is just an extra bit of heat so you can keep a chill away while cuddling under a blanket and catching up on your shows. Over 3,700 reviewers have given this a 5-star rating, so you don’t have to worry about this being a cheap gimmick.

Get the Beachcreast Home Sunbury TV Stand for TVs up to 60 inches with Electric Fireplace Included from Wayfair for $232.41

11. An air fryer so you can finally try one for yourself

Air fryer
Credit: GoWISE USA

What’s better than an air fryer? A red one.

An air fryer is a misnamed convection oven; it doesn’t actually fry anything, but it does make food nice and crispy. While you have to know how to use it, it does take a lot of the guesswork out of cooking certain foods, whether they’re fresh or frozen.

I have an older model of the GoWISE USA Digital Air Fryer and it is good. It does everything I need it to do, it cooks food well, and it is easy to maintain without taking up a lot of space on my counter. All of those reasons are just part of how it ended up in the top 10 of the best air fryers of 2019.

Get the GoWISE USA Digital Air Fryer with Recipe Book from Wayfair for $54.20

12. This cheese board you’ll both look at and touch

Cheese board
Credit: Three Posts

Just keep bringing me cheese products, please.

If you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, I apologize because I love cheese boards and think they’re just about the best serving of food on the planet. I have made decisions about what restaurant to go to based solely on if a cheese board was on the menu.

The Chestnut Run Large Cheese Board and Platter can bring that delicious opulence to your dinner table. It has feet that allow the board to elevate over the table and two dark stripes that run down its sides. It has a nearly perfect five-star rating, as it should, since cheese is never less than perfect.

Get the Chestnut Run Large Cheese Board and Platter from Wayfair for $177.99

13. A candle, because we both know you need more

Credit: Colonial Candle

This candle is perfect for spa days, bath days, and Mondays.

Candles are a nice touch in every home, and they’re a great gift for anyone (like me), or even just for yourself. They’re a fun little decoration and a fresh scent is always good.

The Colonial Pink Cherry Blossom Jar Candle is one of my favorites from Wayfair because I love cherry blossoms and would love to be able to smell them in my own home. The pink hue makes the candle feel bright even when it’s not lit.

Get the Colonial Pink Cherry Blossom Jar Candle from Wayfair for $17.99

14. Floating bookshelves with pipes

Credit: Trent Austin Design Shop

Showcase your books in style with these shelves.

Living in a converted loft with exposed brick and pipes would be super cool, but not everyone is so lucky to have all that. The Trent Austin Wyndham 2 Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf brings that aesthetic to your home by having the metal frame of the shelving unit be modeled to look like old factory pipes.

This shelving set has an average rating of 4.6 stars because of its well constructed body and the sturdiness of the materials. What’s also nice is that the shelves and the pipes are dark so they have an aged appearance already.

Get the Trent Austin Wyndham 2 Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf from Wayfair for $80.13

15. A ceiling fan but make it fashion

Ceiling fan
Credit: Astoria Grand

It’s time for a new ceiling fan and we both know it.

Ceiling fans are wonderful for circulating air so you can stay cool or warm depending on which direction you have the blades spin. The Astoria Grand 5 Blade Ceiling Fan stands out because of its stained glass accents.

Beyond that, it also comes with a remote which is a real game changer when it comes to using a ceiling fan. Instead of having to pull the strings to turn the lights on or increase the fan’s power, you can just press a button.

Get the Astoria Grand 52" Nevels 5 Blade Ceiling Fan, Light Kit Included from Wayfair for $199.99

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