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16 great gifts for the outdoors lover you can get at Walmart

Pretty much the only person on your list who'd love socks

16 great gifts for the outdoors lover you can get at Walmart Credit: Contigo / Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

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My father is a self-described “rugged” outdoorsman. He loves fishing, hiking, and sitting on the deck of his camper with a warm cup of coffee, staring at nature and commenting on how beautiful it all is. It’s endearing until he comes home smelling like skunk.

Thankfully, his love of the outdoors makes him incredibly easy to shop for. Retailers with expansive sporting and outdoor collections like Walmart are filled with items perfect for those who love spending their time in nature.

If you’re shopping for an outdoors lover, here are 16 highly-rated gifts you can get from Walmart.

1. This multiuse pocket knife that can be used for anything

Pocket knife
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

People who enjoy the outdoors can never have too many pocket knives.

No outdoors lover has ever found themselves in a situation where they’ve thought, “Man, I wish I hadn’t brought this pocket knife with me, what a waste of space this was.” Foldable knives can be used for just about anything when you’re adventuring, from clearing twigs to cutting ropes to even opening cans. We tested in our labs and found the Spyderco Delica 4 to be the best pocket knife available. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and even has a thumb hole that allows you wield the knife with more control.

Get the Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Black FRN Flat Ground PlainEdge Folding Knife from Walmart for $78

2. A pair of rugged binoculars ideal for adventuring

Simmons Prosport Binoculars
Credit: Simmons

Binoculars are great for those who love birdwatching.

Whether your giftee loves relaxing on the porch and watching birds or sitting in the trees looking for deer, a set of high-quality binoculars is a great choice. We recommend getting a durable pair that can outlast the elements, like the Simmons Prosport Binocular, which comes with a rubber armor that can stand against sweat, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. The pair isn’t waterproof though, so if your outdoors lover plans to use them in the water, make sure they use caution.

Get the Simmons Prosport Binocular from Walmart for $29.97

3. A handheld lantern with adjustable light settings

Bushnell Lantern
Credit: Bushnell TRKR

This lantern comes with a built-in flashlight and red-light mode.

One of the great things about spending time outdoors is that you never quite want it to end—and often, nature lovers find themselves staying out far longer than they originally planned. Gift them a sturdy flashlight or lantern to help them stay safe as they traverse the great outdoors at night (or during bad weather). This lantern can be adjusted for high or low light, and if kept on low mode, can last up to 300 hours. Reviewers particularly love how it has various settings, including a flashlight mode and a red light that serves as a night light.

Get the Bushnell TRKR 1000 Lumen Lantern from Walmart for $39.86

4. A rugged backpack that suits their favorite activity

Credit: Outlife / Ozark Trail / Outdoor Products

Find a backpack best suited for your outdoors lover.

There’s nothing worse than a poor backpack while going on an outdoor adventure. Well, I take that back—bugs, bears, and freak storms are probably worse, but having a backpack that has uncomfortable straps or rips easily has gotta be in the top 10 worst things that could happen. Depending on your outdoor lover’s favorite activity, there are a variety of backpacks out there well suited to their needs—hunters should opt for gear that will hold their necessities without standing out, while hikers will need a pack that could potentially hold weeks’ worth of food and supplies.

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For a more generalist backpack, look for one that can hold a good amount of weight and won’t get ruined when exposed to water, like the Outdoor Products Vortex backpack from Walmart. Bonus points, this one is compatible with portable hydration systems, meaning your giftee can string a straw through the pack and stay hydrated on the go.

5. A sturdy travel mug to keep coffee warm

Credit: Contigo

The Contigo travel mug comes with an autoseal that makes the mug virtually spill proof.

It’s difficult for most of us to function without coffee, something that’s doubly true when you’re about to embark on a day full of outdoor adventures. Gift your nature lover a high-quality travel mug that will keep their coffee warm and their heart happy, like the Contigo 28 oz. Insulated Travel Mug, which came in second place in our testing for the best travel mugs. This mug is easy to transport, nearly 100% spill proof, and impressively adept at keeping beverages warm throughout the day.

Get the Contigo 28 oz. Autoseal West Loop Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid from Walmart for $37.81

6. A water bottle to keep them healthy

Credit: Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail water bottle is a great gift you can get under $10.

Hydration is one of the most important considerations for any outdoors lover. Having a durable water bottle is just as important as being able to identify poison ivy and knowing to stay far away from skunks. This water bottle carries 24 ounces of water and keeps temperatures regulated whether you’re carrying hot or cold beverages.

Get the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Flex Cap from Walmart for $8.47

7. Beer tumblers for the camper who likes to unwind

Ozark Beer Stein
Credit: Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail’s highly rated stainless steel tumbler is now available as a beer stein.

Does your outdoor lover enjoy relaxing with their favorite beer at the end of a long day in the sun? Check out this set of insulated beer stein tumblers from Walmart—they’re made by Ozark Trail, and while this particular set doesn’t have any reviews yet, it’s made from the same materials as their popular stainless steel tumbler (which has more than 8,600 5-star reviews and people say is better than Yeti for a fraction of the price). This set comes with a bottle opener and a second tumbler, which your giftee can share with a fellow camper or enjoy all to themselves.

Get the Ozark Trail 20 oz Beer Stein Set from Walmart for $20

8. An endless array of fishing lures that will never go out of style

Fishing Lures
Credit: Promo / Eco-Popper

Fishing lures are incredibly fun to shop for and gift.

Don’t know anything about fishing, but know your giftee loves to fish? I’m overjoyed to share my no.1 gift recommendation for the fisher: lures. Take it from decades of experience—there are so many fishing poles, reels, lines, and boxes you can buy for avid fishers, but unless you know the difference between a spinning reel and a spincast reel, I’d recommend buying high-quality lures you know will go to good use. I like to pick out the flashiest lures with bright colors and floppy appendages, like the Promo Spinnerbait (pictured on the left).

But if you want to take it to the next level, consider this lure that comes with an underwater video camera—this is an incredibly cool lure for any fisher who wants to learn more about which lures perform best with the fish in particular settings, but honestly it’s also just a fun toy that will lead to hours of entertainment for your giftee.

9. This bright hat to keep them warm and safe outdoors

Orange beanie
Credit: Mossy Oak

Beanies make wonderful gifts for those who spend time outdoors in cooler temps.

This bright beanie makes a perfect stocking stuffer or last-minute gift for the outdoors lover on your list. If your giftee spends time outside in the fall, winter, or spring, they likely already own many insulated hats—and they’ll never turn down more. Bright orange caps, like this one from Walmart, are especially great for those spending time in wooded areas, such as hikers, campers, and hunters, as they help humans stand out among the wooden brush. Reviewers note that this hat keeps heads surprisingly warm, considering you can get it for less than $3.

Get the Mossy Oak Blaze Orange Insulated Hat from Walmart for $2.99

10. A cookout set decked out with all the tools you need

Camping cooler
Credit: Ozark Trail

This camping cooler comes with various cookout tools perfect for the outdoors lover.

If your giftee has a traveling camper or likes to grill over a homemade fire, this cookout set is the perfect gift. It’s a full cooler that comes with seven cooking tools, including a cutting board, tongs, and even an oven mitt. This is a good gift for recreational outdoors lovers, as they can easily transport it to their camping ground or RV, and even bring it along on kayaking adventures.

Get the Ozark Trail Tailgate Cooler from Walmart for $17.99

11. A kayak, because can you think of a cooler gift?

Credit: Lifetime

Kayaks are amazing gifts for people who spend time on the water.

Speaking of kayaks, can you just imagine the look on your giftee’s face when you awkwardly stumble in carrying (or dragging) a brand new kayak? This is a great gift for water lovers who spend summers renting kayaks and drifting on lakes. Particularly, this kayak makes a great gift for fishers—it’s a sit-on-top kayak with extra storage, perfect for stashing lures and tackle boxes. Reviewers note this kayak is very stable, whether you’re paddling down a river or wrestling a fish.

Get the Lifetime Tahoma 100 Sit-On-Top Kayak from Walmart for $275

12. A high-quality fleece jacket to keep them warm during cool nights

Eddie Bauer Fleece Hoodie
Credit: Eddie Bauer

A high-quality fleece can be make a huge impact on the life of an outdoors lover.

Sleeping under the stars can be incredibly fun, but once the sun goes down and the air starts to chill, it’s easy to miss the warmth of your own bed. Help your giftee stay warm both at night and during cooler months with a high-quality fleece hoodie, like this one from Eddie Bauer. It comes with several pockets, a hood, and thumb loops to keep even your giftee’s palms warm.

Get the Eddie Bauer Men's High Route Fleece Hoodie from Walmart for $49.48

13. A comfy outdoor chair perfect for chilling in front of a camper

Ozark Trail chair
Credit: Ozark Trail

This chair is great for people who like to sit outside and relax.

Climbing, hiking, and rowing are all great ways to spend your time outdoors, but sometimes we just want to relax and absorb the sounds. Outdoor chairs are perfect for taking that quick 10-minute break between activities, or lounging around while others in the group run around in the creek. This folding camp chair from Ozark Trail comes with an easy carry bag and is made for the outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet or handling fluctuations in temperature. Reviewers note that it’s sturdy, but can be a little heavy to carry. This is something I would personally get for my mother, who’d much prefer sitting and reading outside while my dad fishes from the bank or hikes around the block.

Get the Ozark Trail Oversized Tailgate Quad Folding Camp Chair from Walmart for $17.99

14. An incredibly useful hip pack for hiking

Hip pack
Credit: Ozark Trail

This hip pack can carry everything from phones to trail bars.

Hiking doesn’t need to be a multi-day (or even all-day) endeavor. Outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy hiking for a few hours may not need to bring along an entire backpack, so get them a smaller hip pack (P.S. is this what we’re calling fanny packs now?). This bag is great for holding smaller items, like energy bars and phones, that your giftee may not want to lug around in a big, clunky bag. It’s waterproof and comes with several compartments that can hold valuables—and it costs less than $10.

Get the Ozark Trail Bell Mountain Hiking Hip Pack from Walmart for $8.99

15. A stacked first-aid kit because safety comes first

First-aid kit
Credit: First Aid Only

You can’t go on an outdoor adventure without a first-aid kit.

Hiking is all fun and good until you slip, skin your knee, and fashion yourself a bandage from wet leaves, telling yourself everything is fine along the way. Outdoors enthusiasts know all too well that if they hurt themselves while adventuring, there may not be anyone around who can help, so they’ll need to take care of it on their own. Arm them with a compact first aid kit, like this one from Walmart that comes with 260 items. It comes in a soft case, making it easy to shove into stuffed backpacks or crowded fishing boats.

Get the First Aid Only First Aid Kit, Fabric Pouch, 260 Pc from Walmart for $13.44

16. Wool socks to keep them cozy while trekking

Genuine Dickies
Credit: Genuine Dickies

Wool socks? Don’t mind if I do grabs 15 pairs

The outdoors lover on your list can’t have too many pairs of wool socks. These are a winter staple for campers, hikers, and hunters. They provide a quick and easy way to stay warm in chilly temperatures, plus they’re incredibly easy to pack and carry. Most of the time when gifting socks, you’ll be greeted with little more than an “oh...great...thanks…” But with wool socks, the excitement will be real.

Get the Genuine Dickies Men's Wool Thermal Steel Toe Crew Socks, 4-Pack from Walmart for $19.96

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