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18 Amazon products you need to buy before summer ends

Consider these your August essentials.

Summer Credit: Wise Owl/Fujifilm

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Fall may be just around the corner but summer isn't over quite yet. There are still a few weeks left to do all the beach-tripping, margarita-drinking, pool-swimming, and backyard-barbecuing that you love so much. And to help you make the most of it, we've rounded up 18 things that will close out the summer season with a bang, from the trendiest portable hammock to the ultimate grill accessory.

1. This infusion pitcher to keep you hydrated

Credit: Prodyne

Make your own fruit-flavored water.

Reviews: 2k Rating: 4.3 stars

You know that water is important—especially when it's hot outside—but sometimes it's just plain boring. That's why our audience development manager, Rachel Moskowitz, is a big fan of this pitcher, which she uses for flavor-infused water in the summer and fruity sangria in the fall. On Amazon, it has a perfect five-star rating for being easy to use (plus, it's dishwasher-safe!).

Get the Prodyne FI-3 Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher from Amazon for $18.80

Wise Owl
Credit: Wise Owl

Kick back and relax.

Reviews: 3.7k Rating: 4.8 stars

You've probably seen these portable, lightweight hammocks from Wise Owl Outfitters all over social media lately. With over 3,000 five-star reviews, they're the number one camping hammock on Amazon due to their durability and excellent quality.

Get the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock from Amazon for $26.95

3. This handy tool just for watermelon

Credit: Sleeke

Nothing beats fresh watermelon in the summer.

Reviews: 509 Rating: 4.2 stars

Some call it summer, I call it watermelon season. And that means I'm trying to eat as much of my favorite juicy fruit as possible these next few weeks. This Sleeke slicer is praised by fellow watermelon-lovers because it allows you to cut your melon faster and easier with less mess.

Get the Sleeke Watermelon Slicer & Cutter from Amazon for $11.99

4. This brilliant beach bag/cooler combo

Credit: Odyseaco

Pack all your beach essentials in this tote.

Reviews: 641 Rating: 4.1 stars

There are some things you should never go to the beach without—including this two-in-one tote, which has an insulated cooler compartment on the bottom. Reviewers rave that it's super lightweight and durable (both must-have qualities for a beach bag!).

Get the Odyseaco Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag from Amazon for $7.59

5. This thigh-saving balm

Credit: Goldwasser

Your legs will thank you.

Reviews: 3.6k Rating: 4.3 stars

For a lot of people (myself included), hot weather + shorts = serious thigh chafing. The popular Body Glide balm helps alleviate that painful problem, according to our senior e-commerce writer, Courtney Campbell, who tested the 100 percent natural product herself and says she was immediately hooked.

Get the Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm from Amazon for $9.99

6. This gadget that you need for your next bonfire

Marshmallow Sticks
Credit: Sumpri

Colorful handles mean you'll never have to fight over whose stick is whose.

Reviews: 800 Rating: 4.7 stars

There's really no better way to end a late-summer night than with a bonfire... and s'mores, of course. Happy customers love that these bright marshmallow sticks hold up well (they can even go in the dishwasher) and extend super far so that you can roast your treat without getting too close to the heat.

Get the Sumpri Marshmallow Roasting Sticks from Amazon for $16.95

7. This foodie-approved float

Avocado Float
Credit: Jasonwell

Take your avocado obsession to a new level.

Reviews: 221 Rating: 3.9 stars

Two of summer's biggest trends have come together in one gotta-have-it product: an avocado pool float. While people like a lot of the float's features (like the brown beachball "pit" and the generous size), they really appreciate that it uses double bed type valves so it inflates and deflates five times faster than the average float.

Get the Jasonwell Inflatable Avocado Pool Float from Amazon for $19.99

8. These sticks that will keep mosquitos away

Credit: Murphys

Bugs begone!

Reviews: 604 Rating: 4 stars

I love sitting outside with a good book (and a good beer) on a breezy summer evening...until I wake up the next morning covered in bug bites. And apparently I'm not alone in the struggle that is keeping the mosquitos away, which is why so many people recommend these essential oil sticks that they say work better than most other repellents.

Get the Murphy's Mosquito Sticks from Amazon for $11.95

9. This cult-favorite instant camera

Credit: Fujifilm

Click, print, repeat.

Reviews: 3.6k Rating: 4.2 stars

When you think of instant cameras, you likely think of the Fujifilm Instax, which our experts dubbed the best of its kind for 2019. Available in a rainbow of fun colors, the Mini camera is beloved for its easy-to-use design and affordable price.

Get the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera from Amazon for $51.99

10. This waterproof pouch for your phone

Waterproof Pouch
Credit: Joto

Keep your phone protected all summer long.

Reviews: 27k Rating: 4.4 stars

You might love jumping in the pool on a hot August afternoon, but your phone does not. Unless it's in this protective pouch, that is. The Joto case is so incredibly popular because it's 100 percent water-resistant and keeps users' phones completely dry whether they're kayaking, snorkeling, or swimming.

Get the Joto Universal Waterproof Pouch from Amazon for $6.69

11. This lotion that will keep your tan from fading

Credit: Skinerals

Moisturizing and completely natural? Yes, please.

Reviews: 2.2k Rating: 4.3 stars

Just because summer is almost over doesn't mean that your sun-kissed glow has to be. People swear by this lotion from Skinerals—which adds a hint of color to extend your tan—because it goes on smoothly and streak-free and doesn't have that icky sunless tanner scent that so many products do.

Get the Skinerals Self Tanner Extender Lotion from Amazon for $19.99

12. These bags for your farmer's market finds

Credit: NaturallySensible

Carry your fruits and veggies in style.

Reviews: 1k Rating: 4.8 stars

All that fresh summer produce you've been enjoying won't be around for much longer, which means you're probably stocking up each week at the farmer's market. The next time you go, Amazon customers suggest taking these eco-friendly reusable bags that they say are big enough and sturdy enough to carry your entire stash.

Get the Naturally Sensible Eco Friendly Reusable Produce Bags from Amazon for $16.35

13. This perfect picnic basket

Credit: NatureGear

Wicker on the outside, insulated on the inside.

Reviews: 340 Rating: 4.6 stars

With fall quickly approaching, dining al fresco is about to be a thing of the past. To plan the perfect picnic while you still can, consider this fashionable-yet-functional basket which is highly-rated for its convenience (there's enough silverware and dining ware for four people) and durability (the thick insulated lining holds up well over time).

Get the Nature Gear Upgraded Picnic Basket from Amazon for $59.90

14. Our experts' top budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker

Credit: Goldwasser

Listen to your favorite tunes whenever (and wherever) you want.

Reviews: 13.3k Rating: 4.5 stars

After hours of trying out different portable Bluetooth speakers, our testers chose the Anker Soundcore as the best for those on a budget. For under $30, it has solid sound quality, basic features, and 24 hours of battery life.

Get the Anker Soundcore from Amazon for $27.99

15. These claws that will make you a grill master

Credit: Grillaholics

Use these for everything from shredding meat to tossing salad.

Reviews: 324 Rating: 4.6 stars

Home cooks are going crazy for these heat-resistant meat claws—and for good reason. According to the positive reviews, they're incredibly versatile and are sharp and sturdy enough that you can shred your barbecue much quicker than you can with just two forks.

Get the Grillaholics BBQ Meat Shredder Claws from Amazon for $12.95

16. This multipurpose chair with glowing reviews

Credit: Coleman

These chairs are great for camping, beaching, and just hanging out.

Reviews: 1k Rating: 4.5 stars

If you need a chair that's as good for camping in the fall as it is for beaching in the summer, look no further than this Coleman option, which is in the top 10 camping chairs on Amazon. Besides its collapsible side table, outdoor enthusiasts also love its comfortable seat and lightweight frame for carrying around.

Get the Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table from Amazon for $38.50

17. This easy-to-use DIY popsicle mold

Popsicle Mold
Credit: Zoku

Make six perfect pops with one pour.

Reviews: 2.5k Rating: 4.6 stars

Take it from the 2,000-plus people who have given these molds five stars: They're as easy to use as they are to clean and make six perfectly-portioned popsicles. Many reviewers also appreciate that you can simply snap the popsicles out of the mold when they're ready rather than having to defrost them.

Get the Zoku Classic Pop Molds from Amazon for $19.99

18. These self-sealing water balloons for kids

Credit: Bunch of Balloons

Let the games begin!

Reviews: 196 Rating: 3.8 stars

Water balloon fights just got a lot more fun—and a lot less work for parents. We used these trendy self-sealing balloons at our family reunion last month and they really did work as quickly and as easily as people said (a.k.a we filled all 100 in about a minute). It definitely beat hand-tying hundreds of tiny balloons.

Get the Bunch O Balloons Instant 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons from Amazon for $21.45

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