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We want this through-the-wall beer tap

Fresh beer any time? Yes, please.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

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Imagine: At the end of a long day, you want a cold one. Instead of heading out to a bar, you put a frosted glass under a tap built right into the wall of your own kitchen, and pour yourself a pint.

Well, it’s not as far-fetched an idea as it sounds. An Italian company named Smalvic has already built a beer tap that keeps beer cold and dispenses it through a wall-mounted tap. It’s the same size as a built-in coffee machine, and you’d have quite the at-home setup if you installed both.

Smalvic In-Wall Built-In Beer Tap Front
Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

This beer tap from Smalvic is 24 inches wide and can be built into a wall.

The secret is refrigerator-style compressor hidden behind the door—the same kind of setup used in bars and restaurants. Beer flows through a tap line that’s cooled by a refrigerator, which keeps your brew cold until you’re ready for a drink.

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Pull the front of the tap forward, and it will open to reveal storage and cooling for a 5 liter keg—the small size that you can already buy in liquor stores.

Smalvic In-Wall Built-In Beer Tap Open
Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

Open it up to install a 5L mini keg, or to easily keep it clean.

Unfortunately, what you can’t buy is this Smalvic tap—at least not if you live in the U.S. The company is looking for a distributor, but doesn’t yet sell the beer tap here. If it does go on sale, expect it to cost a little more than a kegerator, plus the cost of installation.

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