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  • Timbuk2 Proof

  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Laptop Case

  • Case Logic 17" Laptop Messenger Bag

  • Case Logic 14" LoDo 14" Laptop Attaché

  • Mosiso 17.3" Laptop Tote Bag

  • KomalC 16" Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

  • Lenovo 15.6" Laptop Casual Toploader T210

  • Voova 17.3" Laptop Sleeve Bag

  • Lacdo 17.3" 360° Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag

Product image of Timbuk2 Proof
Timbuk2 Proof

The Timbuk2 Proof is, in our mind, the premiere laptop messenger bag. We’ve had several in use for years around our office and taken them all over the world and back again. The main part of the bag is made of extremely durable, stylish canvas, with leather accents on the straps, flaps, and buckles.

The Proof features a main interior compartment that will fit a 15-inch laptop, two sewn exterior pockets, a zipped interior enclosure, a zipped rear enclosure perfect for holding a phone or tablet, and several interior pockets for holding business cards, cables, or whatever else you need. The shoulder strap is made of durable woven canvas and hasn’t snapped on us in over 3 years of daily usage.

The main issue we have with the bag is the buckled enclosure. The top flap closes by inserting the two leather strap ends into the metal buckles. If you’ve overloaded the bag it can take some effort to close them—and they will stay closed—but opening the bag requires maneuvering the strap end back through the metal opening. It means the bag won’t accidentally open up on the train, but it is hard to get at something inside quickly if you have it slung on your shoulder. In every other way, this is a perfect laptop bag.


  • Excellent durability

  • Beautiful canvas design

  • Tons of capacity


  • Buckles tough to close when full

Product image of Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Laptop Case
Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Laptop Case

A slightly more affordable messenger bag, but no less high-end, is the Kenneth Cole Reaction cross-body messenger bag. This particular style is known as "risky business" and comes in three colors: a rich cognac, a deep chocolate brown, and a classic black. All three models fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop, with an incredibly stylish full-grain leather design.

Though there's not much here for extra storage, this is one of the few messenger bags that will look excellent with jeans or a suit. The only drawback here is the lack of extra storage, though it should have enough for the essentials. The flap also doesn't lock as securely as some of the other buckled designs, though the flap does include snaps on the inside to keep it shut when you're on the move.


  • Slim

  • Fits 15.6-inch laptops

  • Beautiful full-grain leather


  • Needs maintenance

  • Not much extra storage

Product image of Case Logic 17
Case Logic 17" Laptop Messenger Bag

The Case Logic VNM-217 laptop is ideal for the person that wants the standard messenger laptop bag, with a durable design and lots of storage, but doesn’t want a lot of frills. Its design is simple and no-nonsense, with lined compartments for your chargers, notebooks, pens, and other assorted essentials.

The bag can pretty comfortably accommodate laptops up to 17 inches, at least according to reviewers. For most standard 13- and 15-inch laptops, you should have no trouble. The design here doesn’t scream “premium” with plastic attachments and accents, but it should hold up for a long time where plenty of metal, leather, and canvas stress points tend to break down over time.


  • Fits up to 17-inch laptops

  • Simple, lightweight design

  • Hold the essentials


  • Lacking extra storage

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Product image of Case Logic 14
Case Logic 14" LoDo 14" Laptop Attaché

If you rely on a smaller laptop or tablet to get your work done, the Case Logic LoDo Attache Case is a great choice. It’s small compared to other bulkier messenger bags, but it’s also lightweight and easy to bring with you everywhere without getting in your way.

Reviewers were particularly fond of the LoDo’s many pockets, as well as its design, which takes some premium elements from more expensive bags but doesn’t drive up the price dramatically. It’s an excellent all-around bag from one of the most reputable names in laptop accessories.


  • Stylish, sturdy design

  • Plenty of pockets

  • Not bulky


  • Designed for smaller devices

Product image of Mosiso 17.3
Mosiso 17.3" Laptop Tote Bag

Though most laptop messenger bags use a traditional cross-body/over-the-shoulder design, the Mosiso Leather Tote Bag is more like a large tote or purse with an interior laptop pocket. It features excellent style, organization, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect for customizing it to your exact needs and taste.

The main drawback reviewers noted is that the actual laptop pocket is very snug, suitable primarily for 13-inch laptops and not larger 15- and 17-inch laptops. Those may fit in the bag, but it would likely have to just go into the main pocket, rattling around with whatever else you throw in the bag. Otherwise, this is an excellent commuter-friendly bag that offers excellent style at a great value.


  • Stylish leather purse design

  • Lots of compartments

  • Durable


  • Snug laptop pocket

  • Doesn’t fit most 15.6-inch laptops

Product image of KomalC 16
KomalC 16" Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

The classic all-leather travel shoulder bag is a staple in many people’s closets, but its surprisingly tricky to find a nice leather laptop bag that doesn’t fall apart in a month—including high-quality designer ones. The KomalC seems to have figured it out, with a functional, durable design that can fit most laptops with style.

It’s not perfect—reviewers were quick to note how the leather can get scuffed up rather easily—but it’s a gorgeous bag that should wear its scars well over time.


  • Beautiful leather design

  • Durable

  • Fits 16-inch laptops


  • Laptop pocket is open

  • Leather needs care

Product image of Lenovo 15.6
Lenovo 15.6" Laptop Casual Toploader T210

If you’re looking for a basic, no-frills laptop shoulder bag, the Lenovo T210 is the way to go. It’s one of the most popular (and affordable) laptop bags, with over 11,000 reviews and a wild 4.7-star rating. That’s remarkable, but it’s well deserved.

If you want a super stylish bag with premium leather accents and tons of storage for your entire life, this isn’t the bag for you. But if you want a laptop bag that will keep your essentials protected and organized while on the move, this is one of the best (and most affordable) ways to do that.


  • Muted style

  • Water-repellent

  • Lightweight


  • Basic design

  • Too small for bulky 15.6-inch laptops

Product image of Voova 17.3
Voova 17.3" Laptop Sleeve Bag

Sometimes you really just need a basic laptop bag. The Voova laptop sleeve bag is it, with a very simple design that’s elegant and stripped down to the bone. Like the name suggests, this is effectively a laptop sleeve with a couple extra pockets and a shoulder strap.

It’s stylish, affordable, and it’ll keep your laptop well-protected while you’re on the go. It has just enough room to include your headphones, a notebook, and your charger—but little else. If that’s all you need, this is a refreshingly lightweight way to tote your gear around.


  • Fits up to 17-inch laptops

  • Stylish

  • Simple


  • No extra storage

Product image of Lacdo 17.3
Lacdo 17.3" 360° Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag

The Lacdo 17.3-inch 360° Laptop Shoulder Bag is another barebones bag that is little more than a laptop sleeve with a shoulder strap. For a lot of people, that’s ideal, and this still comes with enough extra storage to get you through your day with two exterior zipped pockets.

Reviewers praise the bag’s style, and we’re inclined to agree. It comes in a variety of colors, with sizes ranging from 13.3 up to 17.3 inches, though we recommend that you size up relative to what you’re trying to fit, as the laptop pocket can be a bit snug.

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