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  • Drum is 7.4 cu. ft.

  • Bedding cycle 99% dry in 46 minutes

  • Steam cycles


  • Normal cycle one hour and 45 minutes

  • Delicate cycle much slower than claimed

So, when you're ready for a new dryer, think about making a commitment to one with room for all the family laundry and then some. Though its drum is a notable 7.4 cu.-ft., the Samsung DVE54M8750 (available at AppliancesConnection for $1,165.10) is more than just spacious. It's loaded with choices.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Hamilton

The deep tub of this dryer is bright stainless steel.

When we tested this big dryer in our state-of-the-art laundry labs, we found that it dried each load thoroughly, and that its controls were a pleasure to use. With 12 dry cycles, five temperature selections, loads of time settings, and steam choices like Steam/Sanitize, Wrinkle Prevention, and Anti Static, this model gives you a ton of ways to customize its cycles for your family's laundry needs.

Design Features

Our model, in black stainless steel, looks strikingly modern. No worries for traditionalists: it comes in white (DVE54M8750W), as well. The side-opening rectangular door has rounded edges, with a shiny metal strip adding extra style. It's as attractive as a dryer can be, not just utilitarian, but a little bit edgy.

The drum is bright stainless steel. When you turn on the drum light, you can see well, all the way to the back. Since you need to clean off the filter with every load, you'll be pleased to hear that the filter is easy to remove.

The control panel is laid out well, and the integrated touch controls activate with the lightest tap. As for the settings, you can be as granular as you like when you dry the clothes. You get all the expected cycles–Normal, Heavy, Permanent Press, Bedding, Delicates, Active Wear, Quick Dry, and Air Fluff. You may never use them all, but if you want to, you can.

Then, you get to the optional settings: you can change dry levels, temperatures, and time adjustments (in increments of 10 minutes). Once you've gone to the trouble of creating a personal cycle from this plethora of settings, you can save it as a My Cycle.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Hamilton

The control panel is clear and easy to use. It takes a light touch to select an option, and there are plenty of them.


In our tests, we determined that the Normal cycle returned clothes that were 100% dry, though it took over an hour and forty-five minutes, on average. That was longer that we like to see.

The Delicates cycle took just over an hour to complete, though the manufacturer stated that it would take only 25 minutes. The Quick cycle was fine, turning out totally dry clothes in a half hour. And the Bedding cycle was the big star of our tests, removing over 99% of moisture from our bedding in 46 minutes. (Hello, heavy comforters!)

What the owners say

On the sites we monitor, owner scores for this dryer are very close to five out of five stars, and the steam cycles are getting raves. Many users say with this dryer, they finally have room to dry their king-size bedding. And, as we discovered, the Bedding cycle finishes fast.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Hamilton

It's easy to remove the filter for cleaning.

The bottom line

This dryer has ample room to dry a large load of your family’s laundry completely, using the Normal cycle, as long as you’re not in a huge hurry. It also provides a ton of customizations, especially on drying times, so you can tweak the cycles to your heart’s content. There are more choices than you’ll probably ever use, but we mean that as a compliment.

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We are big fans of the companion washer, the WA54M8750AV, too, especially of its internal scrub sink. These machines are not inexpensive, but considering their functionality, they are good values. With this stellar pair, you can get family-size laundry loads clean and dry. And with excellent steam cycles on the dryer side, you may not have to pick up an iron anytime soon.

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