Electrolux EFLS627UTT Washing Machine Review

Lightning struck twice with this washer–and it brought detergent pods

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The Godfather Part II, the Empire Strikes Back, and Terminator 2—all proof that sequels can outdo their predecessors, no matter how good it was the first time around. And so it is with the the Electrolux EFLS627UTT (available at AppliancesConnection for $1,073.10), the successor to our previously top-rated Electrolux 617 series. It's a 4.4-cubic-foot washer that just kills it on every level.

The LuxCare and SmartBoost systems return to bring some of the best stain removal test results we've ever seen. We also appreciate the fact that this washer caters to people who want to simply push a button as walk away, as well as power-users who to control every aspect of their wash.

Finally, we have to give props to Electrolux for not just rehashing an old design, but listening to consumers and giving them what they want. For the first time ever, there's a special spot in the detergent drawer for detergent pods. While that might sounds like a gimmick at first, pod detergent use is on the rise and many washers don't handle them very well. Electrolux saw an opportunity to differentiate itself and, based on our results, it was a well-executed move.

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How it solves the pod detergent problem

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The 627 has a special spot in the dispenser for detergent pods.

When you open the dispenser drawer, you'll notice the usual spots for detergent, fabric softener, and bleach. There's also a fourth spot for detergent pods. Called an Adaptive Dispenser, the pods you place here will dissolve, mix with water in a tank, and then dispense onto your laundry. The whole process is part of the SmartBoost system, which works with regular detergent too, and it helps ensure that every item of clothing gets the same amount of detergent.

That's the real reason why we found this method superior to just tossing a pod into the drum. In over six years of doing laundry professionally, a common problem we see with pods is when they burst before they dissolve, causing one shirt to come out greasy with soap scum and the rest of the laundry not to get any detergent at all. The Adaptive Dispenser solves this problem.

An answer for every challenge

At the higher-end of the washing machine market, there is a lot of competition. Having raw power is one thing, but having specialized features to deal with unique laundry situations can give you peace of mind. The Electrolux 627 wowed us with its wide array of cleaning options.

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

Plenty of cycles. The blue indicates cycles that you can add steam to.

Sanitize & Steam: Parents who use cloth diapers, people with sensitive skin, and professionals that want to reduce wrinkles on business clothing can appreciate Sanitize and Steam cycles. Our sensors picked up a maximum temperature of 152°F during the Sanitize cycle, so odors, bacteria, and wrinkles don't stand a chance.

Extended Refresh: Sometimes you can't get to your laundry when it is finished, but if you wait too long, it'll get musty. Extended Refresh keeps tumbling your laundry after a cycle ends for up to 12 hours, preventing odors from forming.

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

Options galore!

StainSoak: If you've ever washed a pair of pants multiple times to get a stain out, you'll find a use for StainSoak. When activated, the 627 reheats and recirculates detergent to give your clothes multiple treatments. It's like having two washes in one.

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

StainSoak recirculates detergent to help fight tough stains.

15-Minute Fast Wash: When you're in a hurry, every minute counts. The 627's Fast Wash lives up to its name, and by our reckoning, it's one of the fastest in the industry.

What else compares?

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

After spending a week in the lab with 627, we can say that it beats out the competition.

Electrolux EFLS617SIW: If you don't use detergent pods, you can get the same stain-fighting prowess, but not the Adaptive Dispenser feature for pods. The 617 is the predecessor to the 627 and is no longer being manufactured, so it might be difficult to track one down.

The 617
Credit: Reviewed / Christopher Snow

If you don't want the pod dispenser feature, Electrolux makes plenty of other great front-load washers.

LG WM3670HWA: If you want the Steam and Sanitize, but are willing to lose some stain-fighting power, this LG is a very good buy.

LG 3670
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The LG WM3670HWA has steam and lots of options, but lacks the 627's fine design.

Kenmore Elite 41583: If you want more preset cycles, this washer will oblige.

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

If you want more preset cycles, the Kenmore 41583 might be more to your liking.

Should you buy the Electrolux EFLS627UTT?

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The drum is lined with textured steel to scrub clothes without tearing them.

Yes. Simply put, the Electrolux EFLS627UTT excels at every aspect of being a washing machine. It has great stain-fighting power. It has speed for when you need it, and extended cycles for when you don't. Combine that with the ability to disperse a pod's detergent evenly, and you get a washer that can handle just about anything. Anyone in the market for a front loader should consider this washer.

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