Samsung WA45M7050AW Washing Machine Review

Here's a top-load washer that gives you what you want

The Samsung WA45M7050AW has a clean control panel Credit: / Jon Chan

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Top loaders have come a long way since the pole agitator days. Sure, they still make the old-fashioned top-loader washers that use tons of water and beat clothes within an inch of the trash can, but there are better washers out there.

The Samsung WA45M7050AW is a prime example of what a modern top loader can do. This washer's 4.5-cubic-foot drum, Heavy Duty cycle, and diamond-drum design allowed it to score better than all but one pole-agitator washer.

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What's great

Credit: / Kyle Hamilton

Without a pole agitator, you get the full use of the 4.5-cu.-ft. drum.

Compared to other washers, the 7050 is a smooth operator. It has soft-close hinges, so you never have to worry about pinching your fingers. The control panel is clean, bright, and easy to read. Not that there is much to see. The cycle and option selection is rather sparse, keeping the control panel from getting cluttered.

Credit: / Kyle Hamilton

Like with the cycle selection, the 7050 keeps the options to a minimum to lower clutter.

However, that doesn't mean that the 7050 has nothing out of the ordinary. If you've ever complained that your washer doesn't use enough water, Samsung has a solution for that: Deep Wash, a cycle that seeks to submerge all your clothes.

All the other cycles we tested gave us results on par with other washers in this price range. The strongest was Heavy Duty, followed by Normal, and then Quick.

What's not so great

While the 7050 was above average in the stain removal department, its cycle times might leave you peeved. The Normal cycle lasted 56 minutes, while the Heavy Duty required an hour and a half to cross the finish line. The Quick cycle took 45 minutes to finish, meaning you could do 3 Fast cycles on an Electrolux.

Credit: / Kyle Hamilton

The 7050 has a slightly tinted top.

The other major problem is price. Retailing now for over $600, the 7050 had an initial sales price of around $430, and we never like to see the price rise. If the price came down, even $100, we'd consider this washer a great bargain.

On the fence

Cycle selection
Credit: / Kyle Hamilton

The 7050 has just enough cycles to cover your bases.

The Samsung WA45M7050AW is one of the better top loaders we've ever tested. If you are switching from an old pole-agitator model, you're going to appreciate the extra space and better controls. However, you'll probably be vexed by its longer cycle times and lower water usage. Consumers looking to trade in an old top loader for something made in the 21st century will find this Samsung washer worth checking out.

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