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We've cooked on hundreds of ranges, and while Amana is a value brand, the AER5630BAS (MSRP $699) will do a great job putting food on the table.

What this range lacks in features and aesthetics, it makes up for with versatile burners, an oven that preheats quickly and bakes evenly, and a rock-bottom in-store price tag of under $600. There are few ranges on the market that cost so little, yet cook so well.
While you can buy the Amana AER5630BAS for under $600 in stores, it has the capabilities of a more expensive range.

The AER5630BAS's design isn't as beautiful as a professional-style range, genuine stainless trim freshen a black exterior. Versatile burners are also equally capable of simmering at low temps or searing at high temps, and our tests showed that water boiled in just 6 minutes using the left front burner, which peaks at 3000 watts. Another plus: a convenient dual-ring burner for fitting pots and pans of all sizes. That's a rarity at this price point.

Down in the oven, an exposed heating element may not be the most attractive solution, and it could make cleaning difficult. But again, we saw cooking results surpassing what the price tag implied. Cookies emerged evenly baked, and preheating to 350°F took just 6 minutes—however the broiler needed 8. There's also a pyrolytic self-clean cycle available.

Sure, it doesn't have convection, but if you need stainless, want to save money, and plan to do a lot of actual cooking, the Amana AER5630BAS is one of the best deals around.

For much more information, refer to our full review of the similar Amana AER5630BAW.

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