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It's not the speediest range for boiling—but unless you’re an impatient sort, we’d call it good enough. For an attractive, well laid-out cooktop that retails under $1,000, the NET8066UC is a solid choice all around.

Versatile and just a tad modern

The 30-inch NET8066UC is made of seamless black glass, with four heating elements outlined in white. The right rear burner is of the dual-ring variety, and the two left burners can be combined with the use of a bridge burner for large, oblong pots and pans.

Controls are located near the front of the cooktop and are operated by touch. You select the burner of choice, then a heat level from 1 to 9. There’s a useful timer option available for each burner, which shuts the burner off after a set time. There’s also a plain old kitchen timer function too.

The Bosch NET8066UC electric cooktop straight on

The Bosch NET8066UC electric cooktop

The smooth black cooking surface and white accents will look at home in most kitchens, so long as the tone of your kitchen isn’t too old-fashioned. The style is relatively spartan, but the burner configuration and controls lend it a slightly modern aesthetic. The burners are also well laid-out, so you can cook with multiple pots and pans at once.

Hits the highs and the lows

Every burner on the NET8066UC’s smooth surface is capable of reaching both very high and low temperatures. During testing, the inner ring of the right rear burner dipped down to just 88°F, and the others weren't far behind. These temps are even a bit lower than you'd need for tasks like melting chocolate or keeping soups warm.

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Maximum temperatures were equally impressive. The outer ring of the right rear burner led the way, peaking at a scorching 750°F. Other burners maxed out between 607°F (the left front burner) and 622°F (the right rear burner, inner ring), which makes every cooking zone capable of searing a rib-eye.

Cooktop controls in use

Touch controls allow for temperature selection and use of timers.

Boiling speeds weren’t as impressive but hey, you can’t win ‘em all. You’ll want to stick to the rear burners if you’re making pasta: The outer ring of the right rear burner can boil 6 cups of water in an acceptable 7 minutes, while the left rear burner takes 8 minutes and 21 seconds to complete the same task. You’ll be waiting a little longer for the front burners: The left one took 11 minutes and 36 seconds, and the right took almost 2 minutes longer than that. By comparison, the best electric burners we've tested take under 5 minutes to boil the same amount of water in the same pan.
Bosch provides a one year limited warranty for the NET8066UC cooktop, which covers defects in material or workmanship for one year after purchase. Bosch also provides a 30 day cosmetic warranty for defects like scratches, chips, and dents. While the product is under these warranties, Bosch or an authorized service provider will repair defects at no cost to the buyer, and even replace the product if necessary.

A quality cooktop that's priced right

bridge burner

All burners had good temperature reach.

At under $900 on sale, this cooktop is a solid deal. Its ability to reach both low and high temperatures gives you the flexibility to cook however you want, whether you’re trying to gently melt chocolate or stir-fry veggies in sizzling oil. The rear burners are definitely the powerhouses here, both offering especially good temperature variance, along with the quickest boil times on the cooktop. But apart from boiling, really every burner on this cooktop should be a joy to use.

This same versatility is also on display in the NET8066UC’s design, which will match any kitchen and includes a bridge burner and dual-ring burner. If the sleek look, great temperatures, reasonable price, and this level of versatility appeal to you, look no further.

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