There is a fine line between sleek and functional.

It's created in the aesthetic of James Bond gadgets and '60s-era turntables.

There is no doubt that the KECC605BSS is a sleek rangetop. With its chunky knobs and shiny trim, it looks like more like James Bond's turntable than a cooking appliance. KitchenAid did a good job making a modern cooktop easy to use, while ensuring that it wouldn't be out of place in all but the most traditional kitchens.

The KECC605BSS features five burners. Two of them are Double Ring, which means you can adjust the size of the burner between six and ten inches, depending on the size of your cookware. Each burner has it’s own dedicated dial, though separate temperature settings for the six- and ten-inch Double Ring burners are split on either side of one dial. ####The results speak for themselves.
The KitchenAid KECC605BSS excelled in all three of our stovetop performance tests.

It's always great when an appliance surprises you. It’s not that we had low expectations for the KitchenAid KECC605BSS—it's just rare that any appliance does this well. It's safe to say the KitchenAid KECC605BSS excelled in all three of our stovetop performance tests, including boiling, high temperature cooking, and simmering. First off, boiling: Two of the stovetop's main burners both brought 48 oz of water to a boil in under five minutes, with the remaining three burners taking ten, eleven, and 19 minutes respectively. It's not quite as fast as an induction range, but it's close.

The KECC605BSS also offers up an incredibly wide range of temperatures, and should be able to handle any food you throw at it regardless of the temperature—assuming you can cook, of course. The main burner had a maximum high temperature of 700ºF and we recorded a total average maximum of 698ºF. Searing burners are one thing, but sometimes it's low temperatures that really matter. Fortunately the KECC605BSS excels in this department, we recorded a low temperature of 86 ºF and an average low temperature of 104ºF.

Cue up your next meal

$1,049.00 is on the high end of the price scale when it comes to built-in cooktops, but in the case of the KECC605BSS it will be money well spent. It excelled in all our tests, whether they were for boiling, high temperature cooking, or simmering. Plus, we think it looks quite attractive. That's why we happily recommend the KitchenAid KECC605BSS.

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