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Unfortunately, it lagged far behind the competition when it came to boiling water. If you buy this LG, be prepared to only boil on a single burner, and get ready to wait.

Houston, we have liftoff.

The LCE3010SB's touchscreen controls remind us of the dashboard of a 1980s performance car, with red LEDs arranged in segmented circles.

To turn an element on, touch the corresponding On button. Once selected, temperature levels are set by the center control. We would prefer a dedicated level selector for each burner, because the centralized control scheme requires more button presses than a simple turn of a knob.

LG LCE3010SB Controls

The controls put us in mind of a spaceship cockpit.

Not the best for boiling

In terms of actual performance, the LCE3010SB was a bit of a mixed bag. High and low temperatures were exceptional, but the boiling speeds were sluggish.

LG LCE3010SB Burners

The LG LCE3010SB burners impressed with their wide range of temperatures.

The outer ring of the dual-burner was the quickest water boiler by far, and it still took six minutes to boil six cups of water. That may seem fast, but the best electric cooktops can manage a boil un under four minutes.

However, our biggest complaint was that none of the remaining burners could reach a boil in under ten minutes. One quick element is good, but what if you plan on cooking up some lobster while you boil your pasta?

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After the bleak boiling results, we were relieved to find out the LCE3010SB did offer a wide range of temperatures. The dual-burner's outer ring reached a slightly-too-hot 808°F and a positively balmy 94°F. The center rear burner managed a similarly impressive high of 702°F and a low of 98°F. The remaining burners offered high and low temperatures ranging between 659°F-702°F and 93°F-98°F, respectively.

LG LCE3010SB Vanity

The LG LCE3010SB 30-inch electric cooktop

An awkward choice

The LG LCE3010SB is an odd mix of highs and lows. For instance, the burners and controls are thoughtfully arranged, but the control layout requires extra button presses. The maximum and minimum burner temperatures are superb, but boiling performance proved truly unimpressive.

If you're planning on buying this LG, definitely wait for a sale. It can dip as low as $899.

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