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  • Great cooktop


  • Two lackluster ovens

Why we like it


  • Fast preheat time
  • Burners reach screaming hot and low temperatures with ease
  • Quickly boils water


  • Does a poor job baking, resulting in uneven cakes and subpar cookies
  • Expensive for what it offers


ProBake Convection—Because the heating element is mounted on the back wall of the oven, LG claims even baking results on every rack (a benefit we didn't see).

EasyClean— Steam cleans each oven in 20 minutes.

UltraHeat Fastest Boiling Burner—With 3,200 watts, the dual cooktop elements offer a fast boil time. We verified that in our tests.

Infrared Grill—Gives a characteristic sear via an infrared broiler with no preheating required.

Intuitive SmoothTouch—Glass controls for easy operation.

Lower oven cooking modes—Bake, Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Multi-Rack Convection Baking, Delay Bake, Delay Clean, Proof, Warm, Pizza, Speed Roast

Upper oven cooking modes—Bake, Broil, Delay Bake, Delay Clean, Warm, Pizza

Credit: LG

What user reviews say

Owners of this range seem to love it. With more than 100 reviews on Home Depot, it averages 4.5 stars. One user claims, “Everything we have cooked comes out even and perfect,” but dislikes how low the bottom oven is. Another reviewer warns about the groove between the cooktop and the knobs, where food often gets caught, and the fingerprints on the oven’s exterior.

What we found

User reviews can't compare the the LG LDE4415ST to the competition: We can. That's why we put it through the same battery of tests we use on every range we evaluate to see how well it performed.

We checked high and low temperatures for each of the burners, examined how evenly it heated a pan, baked cakes and cookies, and how quickly it preheated to 350ºF. We scored the food on a scale of 10 compared to the rest of the ovens and ranges we've tested this year.

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Oven Results

Credit: LG

6:23 in the upper oven, 6:46 in the lower oven, both using standard bake. Averaged, this is one of the fastest preheat scores we’ve seen, scoring 9.5/10. That’s not surprising considering that each oven is much smaller than most of the standard ovens we’ve tested this year: The top one is a mere 3 cubic feet and the bottom one is 4.3 cubic feet, which is smaller than a standard oven, but still big enough to fit a turkey.

6/10 for consistency compared to other ranges we've tested. This is a fine score, but definitely not stellar, and you can see the unevenness on the cookies in both ovens.

Cookies on standard
Credit: Reviewed.com / Libby Schiau

The lower oven baked very uneven cookies on standard mode.

Cookies on convection
Credit: Reviewed.com / Libby Schiau

...And, oddly, even more uneven cookies on convection mode.

1.5/10 for consistency compared to other ranges we've tested. This is the worst cake score we’ve seen in recent testing. Below are the cake results from the upper oven on standard bake:

Upper oven cake top standard
Credit: Reviewed.com / Libby Schiau

The top of two cakes baked on standard in the upper oven cavity.

Upper cake bottom standard
Credit: Reviewed.com / Libby Schiau

The bottom of two cakes baked on standard in the upper oven cavity.

Below are the results from the lower oven cavity on both convection and standard bake. Typically, convection mode will result in a more evenly baked dish, but that's clearly not the case for this LG. That's a shame, because LG's ProBake system really helped out on its latest gas oven. Unfortunately, it doesn't do the same for electric.

Lower oven cake top standard
Credit: Reviewed.com / Libby Schiau

The top of two cakes baked on standard in the lower oven cavity.

Lower cake top convection
Credit: Reviewed.com / Libby Schiau

The top of two cakes baked on convection in the lower oven cavity.

Range Results

Credit: Reviewed.com / Libby Schiau

Just under eleven minutes on average, but as fast as about four minutes on the front right outer burner. There is a lot of variance, though, with the second-fastest time being about seven minutes (front left outer burner), and the slowest clocking in at a sluggish sixteen minutes (front right inner burner). Keep that in mind if you have to boil two things at a time.

The surface of a pan hit a crazy-hot 825ºF on the left front outer burner, other burners got between 415º-699ºF. This is a high performer compared to other ranges we’ve tested, with a score of 8/10.

A pan reached 83ºF on the left front burner, while other burners hovered between 109º-126º F. This is a good performer compared to the other ranges we’ve tested, with a score of 8.6/10.

Should you buy it?

Probably not. It’s pretty expensive for what it offers, and the Samsung NE59J7850WS Flex Duo Electric Range retails for just $100 more, earned a near-perfect score, and easily turns from a single oven to a double oven with the slide of a partition. At $1,279 on sale, the Samsung is an outstanding value with a ton of useful settings and a great-performing range. This LG tries hard and has some positives, but just isn't as good.

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