This stainless range strikes a balance between the people's range and the pro range.

The range's usability seems to be about equal with the standard. However, the cleaning situation is much improved, according to the LG representative with whom we spoke. The special Aqua Clean Enamel allows for stains to be easily wiped off the 6.0 cubic foot cavity after a twenty minute turn on moderate heat. You simply put water on the affected areas and in the oven and it loosens the deposits. But if you don't want to, you can still use the traditional cleaning method as well—something that most ovens can't do.

From cleaning features to the five burners, the has a lot to offer.

Though we haven't seen the in our labs, we can report on the toolkit of features it has. The rangetop features four standard burners, one of which is a "Ultra Superboil" burner that rocks 18,500 BTUs/hr. In the center of the rangetop, an oval center burner offers even more coverage under the continuous grates. Down below, the oven offers the classic menu of features such as various convection settings, bread proofing, warming, and of course: broiling. It's also important to note that while we many expensive ranges do well in our tests, price and performance aren't always correlated.

LG has a new gas range platform and our attention.

It's hard to actually recommend anything without seeing it in action, but from the look of this range, we're hopeful. Since Samsung and LG hit the American market, everyone's game has stepped up. As they fight for the consumer's business, everyone wins as overall range quality improves everyone's kitchen. From what we can tell at this time, the looks to be shooting

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