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The Tuscany series debuted in 2015, and was on display at Design and Construction Week. That’s where we got some hands-on time with the 36-inch and 48-inch models.

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As with all Viking ranges, the Tuscany line places a strong emphasis on fit and finish. The doors are heavy, the cast-iron grates are thick, and the knobs are made of die-cast metal.

Viking Tuscany Range – Color Options
Credit: Reviewed.com / Ben Keough

The Tuscany range comes in your choice of four colors.

Up top, every single burner is brass and can output up to 20,000 BTU. The burners are uniquely cantilevered, so they “float” above the rangetop. A Viking representative told us this design helps with airflow, but it also just plain looks cool.

Owners can also customize their Tuscany range with a stainless-steel griddle that can be used as a plancha. When it's not in use, a cutting board covers the griddle and helps with food prep.

Viking Tuscany Range – Colors
Credit: Reviewed.com / Ben Keough

The available colors are all presented in a bright, shiny, enameled finish that really pops.

All the ovens feature stainless-steel interiors and glide-out racks. The 48-inch ranges have an additional oven on the side, plus a storage drawer beneath. Soon, Viking plans to offer a warming drawer there as well.

The Tuscany ranges are made in Italy by Giga Grandi Cuisine, which specializes in professional kitchen equipment. Giga has a factory just south of Florence in Scandicci, and is part of the Middleby group. Middleby itself has gone on a shopping spree as of late, adding well-known consumer brands such as AGA, Jade, and Viking to its largely commercial portfolio.

Viking Tuscany Range – In Situ
Credit: Reviewed.com / Ben Keough

At KBIS 2016, Viking showed off the Tuscany range (seen here in blue) in a modern-looking kitchen.

The ranges start at $13,000 and go all the way north of $20,000, depending on which options you select. Available colors include stainless-steel, graphite black, bordeaux, champagne, dark blue, and antique white. Matching dishwashers and range hoods are also available.

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