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21 must-have items cocktail lovers can get on Amazon

Your at-home bar just got a lot better.

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Beyond a bar stocked with whiskey, tequila, gin, vodka, rum, and a few liqueurs, these are the accessories you need to complete your at-home bar. Beware: Purchasing these items will increase the likelihood of friends in your home.

1. Paper straws—Buy for $8.50

Credit: Amazon

2. 9-piece mixology set—Buy for $24.07

Mixology set
Credit: Amazon

3. Wine charms—Buy for $10

Wine charm
Credit: Amazon

4. Highball glasses—Buy for $39.95

Highball glasses
Credit: Amazon

5. Bitters—Buy for $21.40

Credit: Amazon

6. Ice bucket and tongs—Buy for $30.90

Ice bucket
Credit: Amazon

7. Wine stopper—Buy for $14

Wine stopper
Credit: Amazon

8. Large ice cube tray—Buy for $12.95

Ice cube molds
Credit: Amazon

9. Cocktail napkins—Buy for $8.16

Cocktail napkins
Credit: Amazon

10. Paring knife—Buy for $9.19

Credit: Amazon

11. Luxardo cherries—Buy for $26.25

Luxardo cherries
Credit: Amazon

12. Engraved whiskey decanter—Buy for $28.75

Whiskey decanter
Credit: Amazon

13. Rabbit corkscrew—Buy for $44.99

Rabbit wine opener
Credit: Amazon

14. Mortar and pestle—Buy for $24.99

Mortar and pestle
Credit: Amazon

15. Wine decanter—Buy for $27.99

Wine decanter
Credit: Amazon

16. Swizzle sticks—Buy for $18.95

Swizzle sticks
Credit: Amazon

17. Martini glasses—Buy for $13.15

Martini glasses
Credit: Amazon

18. Bottle opener—Buy for $9.23

Bottle opener
Credit: Amazon

19. Mason jar shot glasses—Buy for $12.99

Shot glasses
Credit: Amazon

20. Agate coasters—Buy for $15.98

Credit: Amazon

21. Reusable ice cubes—Buy for $9.99

Ice cubes
Credit: Amazon

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