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Forno Toscano Margherita Pizza Oven Looks Cool, Gets Really Hot

Burns wood, cooks on brick, made of steel, and lives on your patio.


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If you like your oven to live outdoors, burn wood, and make pizza, the Forno Toscano Margherita might earn a spot on your patio.

This wood-fired pizza oven is made in Italy, built mostly from standard steel (including the legs and painted dome) and stainless steel (including the door and chimney), while the 24x24x14-inch cooking chamber has a two-layer brick cooking surface and rock-based insulation.


The Forno Toscana Margherita wood-fired brick pizza oven is imported from Italy and costs $2,399.

Importer Forni USA has some vague and cliché ad copy on its website about the old world meeting the new, but you know what you're looking at: a brick-style oven that gets really hot, really fast (upwards of 600°F in under 15 minutes, according to this Forni USA infomercial), and maybe you like the way it looks. Va bene. It also has pull-out handles and wheels if you need to drag it around your verandah.

The Margherita is $2,399, or about 240 large cheese delivery pizzas, while the larger Mangiafuoco runs $2,999, or 417 DiGiorno Supremes.

via Forni

(Photo: Forni USA)

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