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The 50-Burner Vulcano Is the World's Biggest Cooktop

Cooking for a big family? Like, REALLY big? Try this cooktop on for size.

With a whopping 50 gas burners, Nardi's Vulcano is the biggest cooktop in the world. Credit:

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It's no secret that Italians like to dine con la famiglia. And when they do, the whole family comes over: grandparents, cousins, in-laws, nieces and nephews... But how could you possibly feed the whole clan out of a tiny Italian kitchen?

With the mammoth Vulcano cooktop from Italian company Nardi, maybe it's time to demolish the rest of your house and just turn the whole thing into one giant kitchen. Built in 2008 in honor of the company’s 50th anniversary, the Vulcano sports an impressive 50 gas burners—enough to cook dinner for your entire family tree.

We got a look at the Vulcano at this year’s EuroCucina in Milan, where it was one of many attractions in the "FTK–Technology in the Kitchen" expo. Though it’s now six years old, Nardi is still quite proud of the cooktop, putting it front and center in its bright, all-orange booth. And rightly so: It’s a Guinness World Record holder.

The Nardi Vulcano's Guinness Record Certificate

A small screen in front of the Vulcano proudly displays its Guinness Record certification.

(Yes, believe it or not, there is a Guinness record for "Most Burners.")

The cooktop itself is made of gleaming stainless steel and seems incredibly well-built, as you'd imagine a 50-burner piece would need to be. The burners are arranged in a 24–2–24 configuration, without much space between each one.

We weren't able to peek inside the cabinetry to see just how many gas lines or propane tanks are required to fuel so many burners, but we have to imagine the gas bill wouldn't be cheap.

While the Vulcano won't be coming to anyone's home any time soon, it's still an impressive show of raw cooking power... and a reminder that you can get a Guinness Record for just about anything.

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