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Turkeys Gone Wild: The Best Videos of Fowl Play

The hunters have become the hunted.


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Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a perfectly roasted turkey sitting on a platter, ready to be carved. Of course, the iconic bird doesn’t start off all juicy and delicious. In fact, turkeys in the wild are ugly, ornery creatures.

Most of these feathered fiends are content to mind their own business, but a select few are always looking for trouble.

Most of these feathered fiends are content to mind their own business, but a select few are always looking for trouble. Maybe you got too close to their turf. Maybe they don’t like the way you smell. Maybe you look like a turkey from a rival gang.

Don't believe it? We’ve gathered some of the most harrowing footage of turkey-on-human violence to prove our case. We guarantee that once you’ve watched all these videos, you’ll never think about these barbaric birds the same way again. Or perhaps you’ll just be hungry.

They often congregate in large groups in the streets, emboldened by their numbers. Any person who happens to walk by becomes a target. Much like New York City catcallers, the fact that these surly squabs aren’t punished for their intimidating behavior only encourages them.

This brave woman tries talking them down, but it’s like they’re not even speaking the same language. One of the turkeys gets frustrated by the communication barrier and attacks her. Maybe she should’ve tried speaking more slowly and loudly.

A group of turkeys are seen here squatting on private property, which is against the law. When a guy with a camera begins capturing their nefarious act, a trio of them converges on the snitch.

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Look, they don’t even care if you’re riding a bike.

Or a louder bike.

In some areas, the mail carriers are more wary of turkeys than dogs. The birds have learned to identify their prey by the trucks they drive and the uniforms they wear.

In these two clips, we can see that turkeys aren't intimidated by those big white trucks—not in the least. Even with the symbol of a far superior bird emblazoned on the vehicle, these turkeys are ready to throw down.

WBZ NewsRadio reporter Carl Stevens decided to interview a turkey at Harvard Business School. Tensions are high throughout their stroll across the campus grounds, but I think a lot of progress was made: We learned that turkeys really hate news reporters.

Really, really hate them. This viral video of news producer Duffy Kelly being chased into her car by a wild turkey has become the definitive turkey attack video. Between her panicked cries and pleas for help, Kelly did a great job conveying the abject horror of being attacked by perilous poultry.

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