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Is This the Ultimate Solution for Grilling on the Go?

This barbecue grate doubles as a sweet custom rim.


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Part of the fun of roughing it out in the wilderness is grilling delicious meat over a campfire. (Ok, or marinated veggies, if that's how you roll.) After all, there's no better way to demonstrate your mastery over nature than lighting a portion of it on fire and eating it.

In our quest to find the best way to do just that, we stumbled upon Front Runner's spare tire mounted barbecue grate. Portable grates usually take up valuable cargo space, but this one is designed to attach to your vehicle's spare tire for transport. When deployed, the grate has an impressive diameter of 23.6 inches, giving you plenty of cooking space.

The grate can be folded and stowed in the trunk so that it doesn't get dirty on your trip out. Once you're done and ready to head back to civilization, you can save yourself the trouble of cleaning it and just strap that charred and greasy metal to your spare tire.

With a stainless-steel cooking surface and solid steel legs, and designed to fit tires between 29 inches and 37 inches in diameter, Front Runner's portable barbecue grate has a $125 price tag. That's pretty hefty, but we can see it being worthwhile to the hardcore camper. It shouldn't be a surprise that if you run a Google search for "awesome grill," this barbecue grate is one of the top results.

Via: The Awesomer
Hero image: Flickr user "suckamc" (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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