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Why Does This Skinny Grill Cook Better Than Yours?

Would you believe us if we said it was science?


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Don't tell Hank Hill, but outdoor grills haven't been on the bleeding edge of household tech in quite some time.

Usually, you've got a metal enclosure, a grated cooking surface, and some propane and propane accessories (or some other fuel). Light it up and, a little while later, out comes delicious meat. Simple.

Grills ain't broke, so when manufacturers try to fix 'em, we're always skeptical.

Grills ain't broke, so when manufacturers try to fix 'em, we're always skeptical. Still, Char-Broil's new THIN grill caught our eye. THIN stands for THermal High Intensity, meaning this model is equipped with the company's TRU-Infrared cooking system.

Traditional grills use burners or wood fuel to heat the air, which then cooks your food. Char-Broil infrared grills use a burner to heat an infrared emitter, which supposedly cooks your food more evenly, without damaging the so-called moisture barrier of meat.

According to Char-Broil, that means you'll get juicier, more flavorful steaks:

The THIN grill is also, well... thin. Like, physically. The two-burner cooktop has a much slimmer and more modern design than any other grill we've seen. The stylish enclosure is made of high-grade stainless steel, and comes with electronic temperature gauges and ignition.

The U.S. has been slow to adopt infrared grilling, but the THIN is already available across Europe for around €960. For now, there's no word on when it might hit American shores.

Via: Appliancist

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