Bosch Bringing European Style to American Kitchens

The company's 2014 kitchen launch is its first total refresh in seven years.


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In America, German manufacturer Bosch is known predominantly for its dishwashers. But this year, Bosch is far more interested in how Americans will actually cook their food, not just clean it up.

For 2014, the company is unveiling a massive lineup of large appliances, with European style designed to make a statement in American homes.

"We're taking our place as the European kitchen brand in America," said Bosch Home Appliances CEO Michael Traub.

Bosch is definitely not the kind of company that refreshes its lineup once a year. This is, in fact, the first refresh in seven years—so for us at Reviewed, this is about as exciting as it gets.

In what will likely be the biggest news of the day, Zach Elkin, Marketing Manager for Bosch and Thermador, announced new Benchmark-series wall ovens that will open from the side, European style. Key features include AutoProbe, which automatically cooks meat to the appropriate temperature; EcoChef, which uses residual heat to complete the cooking process; and new new TFT high-resolution user interface screens.

Single wall ovens will retail between $2,899 and $3,199, while double wall ovens will sell for between $4,399 and $4,949

Brand new Bosch Benchmark steam convection ovens will also be added to the lineup, featuring high-resolution control panels, a variety of specialty programs, quieter operation, and horizontal installation for perfect alignment with wall and speed ovens. The Steam Convection oven will sell at a MSRP of $3,449.

Bosch's new Benchmark induction cooktop is a dramatic redesign, featuring something called FlexInduction. Essentially, it can combine two cooking zones into one larger zone, allowing for large roasting pans or pans of any size to receive heat from the cooktop. 30-inch models will retail for $2,349, while 36-inch models will be $3,099.

Thermador Brings the Grill Indoors

Many consumers aren't aware that classic American appliance maker Thermador is a sister company to Bosch, but both brands are debuting new appliances today. On the other side of the booth from all the Bosch announcements, the new Thermador Professional Series indoor grill definitely caught our eye. This unusual range features lava rocks, which retain heat far longer than conventional grills.

The rocks collect juices that drip from the grill plates in order to impart genuine smoke flavor. Both the lava rocks and grill plates completely cover the two heating elements, drastically reducing the possibility of flare-ups. The lava rock grill will soon be on sale for $15,399. Yikes.

Also on display from Thermador is the Freedom induction cooktop. It's notable for the absence of a feature: there's no trim. Instead, you get a sleek, black surface aligned precisely with the countertop. This is the first full-surface induction appliance that also recognizes cookware size, shape, and position. The Freedom will be available with an MSRP of $4,999.

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