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Even You Can Garden Indoors, Thanks To Kickstarter

No green thumb required.


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Indoor gardening is one of those "good ideas" a lot of us arrive at during a certain stage of life. Watch too much Animal Planet and pretty soon you'll think it's a good idea to grow your own food. We've all been there, right?

No? Just me?

Problem is, gardening is tricky—especially if you're just starting out, and double-especially if you decide to do it indoors. You've got to actually know stuff, maybe read a book, become a quasi-farmer. That's the part that isn't romanticized on nature shows.

Thankfully, a new Kickstarter project is giving would-be indoor gardeners a chance to side-step all that pesky learning and skip straight to success.

The "Niwa" is a self-contained, smartphone-controlled, hydroponic growing system. Throw in some seeds, and the Niwa monitors your plants with an integrated webcam and guides you through the growing, clipping, and harvesting processes via an app.

Like all good Kickstarter campaigns, they've got a cheery video too.

Two Niwa models will be available—the Mini and the standard size—and it looks like they'll go on sale for $299 and $349, respectively. While the Niwa has already reached its $100,000 Kickstarter funding goal, there's still plenty of room for donors who want to secure their own personal Niwa. If you plop down your pre-order today, it'll show up on your doorstep some time in 2015.

For all the details, check out Niwa's Kickstarter page.

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