Fifty bucks off Anova WiFi immersion circulator

Got sous-vide ambition? Today's the day.

Credit: Anova

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Today might be the day you finally try sous-vide cooking at home. The popular Anova Precision Cooker, a WiFi-enabled immersion circulator that rarely goes on sale, is available for $149.99 at Best Buy's eBay store. That's a full $50 off the current MSRP, which itself dropped from $300 in 2015.

Sous-vide is an advanced cooking technique used in many professional kitchens, but it previously relied on bulky, prohibitively expensive sous vide machines. The more manageable Anova achieves the same results with a pot of water, Ziploc bags, and its own precise thermostat and heating elements. Simply clip the device to a pot of water, select your desired temperature, seal your raw steak in a plastic bag, and submerge the steak in the evenly-heated water bath. In a few hours you'll have a restaurant-caliber steak that's medium-rare from edge to edge.

Unlike Anova's previous Bluetooth version, this WiFi version can be operated or monitored from an app on your phone using WiFi.

Reviewed.com is hard at work on a round-up of all sous-vide circulators, including Anova and its competitors like Sansaire and Nomiku. Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks but, without giving too much away, we don't think you'll regret taking this deal...

Anova Precision Cooker WiFi - $149.99, SAVE $50 on eBay

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