Gerber's "PeeWee" Toilet Helps Children Go as They Grow

A pint-sized potty


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Gerber—and that's Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, not the baby food subsidiary of Nestle—has introduced a toilet that's ergonomically designed for toddlers. It's called the PeeWee, and was proudly exhibited on the show floor of Design and Construction week to the delight of all passersby.

While the show floor model seemed intended solely for taking silly pictures of one's co-workers, this adorable product is a full-quality, fully functional toilet, distinguished only by its tiny size: only 25-inches tall.


Gerber is marketing the PeeWee as a product your son or daughter can grow up with. It's a more convincing potty training analog than seat covers, and a 10-inch installation rough-in makes it easy to simply replace the PeeWee with a full-sized toilet later on, no plumbing modification required. It's also low-flow, clocking in at only 1.6 gallons per flush.

About the only drawback is its $482 pricetag. You can get a potty seat at Target for twelve bucks, so you'd have to be pretty obsessed with bathroom design to get a special kid-friendly toilet installed. And it's pretty useless for adults—just take our word for it.

Of course, the PeeWee is also appropriate for businesses like Preschools or Day Care centers. For such permanent applications, the PeeWee line also includes two pint-sized wall-mount sinks, and a public restroom-style spud bowl with exposed valve.

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