MAID Oven Teaches You to Cook, Doesn't Do Dishes

An unknown startup may be making the best smart appliance yet.


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Need a maid? I do. But really, I'd settle for just a little help around the kitchen. You know what? Maybe I just need a better oven.

The MAID just crested its $50,000 crowdfunding goal with nearly a month left in its campaign.

The MAID Oven, by Palo Alto startup SectorQube, Inc., is a Kickstarter Staff Pick and just crested its $50,000 crowdfunding goal with nearly a month left in its campaign.

This microwave/convection/top-heating oven is connected to an online repository of recipes, which the MAID walks you through using its 6-inch multi-touch display. Guesswork is eliminated, since the MAID already knows how to cook each recipe, and can adapt to whatever portion size you're in the mood for.

Best of all, the online "Recipe Store" is a curated, crowd-sourced platform, meaning the selection will continue to grow over time.

The MAID is also a so-called "learning" oven. That means it will not only come to recognize your favorite dishes and offer new suggestions, but it will note every ingredient quantity adjustment you make to each recipe and familiarize itself with your particular tastes over time.

And the learning doesn't end there: The MAID app features a personal activity tracker, allowing the oven to actually calculate a healthy diet for the user and, again, adjust recipes accordingly. Of course the app has other smart functions too, like remote preheat and manual recipe creation.

We're hoping the MAID will eventually connect with existing apps like MyFitnessPal, but only time will tell.

Like all great Kickstarter campaigns, the MAID comes with a slick, humorous video where you can't tell if the product is real or satire until 30 seconds in. Check it out:

Kickstarter campaign pledge tiers suggest the MAID will eventually cost about $450 at retail, but act now and you can nab an early bird edition for $409 plus shipping. That's plenty of dough for a convection oven, but remember: Software updates will improve this product over time. The estimated release date is November 2015.

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