Unfold Your Foyer With Some Door-igami

Is it really possible to reinvent something as basic as the door?


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You might think there's only one way to open a door, but Austrian artist Klemens Torggler is determined to prove you wrong.

His latest project is called the Evolution Door. Instead of swinging out of the way, it folds a series of rotating squares. Of course, it's easier to watch it in action than explain it.

Like many of Torggler's other works, this door moves to the side using fulcrums instead of tracks, and features panels that can fold over each other to clear or cover a doorway. What makes the Evolution Door different is its use of triangular panels that extend and retract, almost like living origami. It even addresses the issue of caught fingers—though we wouldn’t want to try that on the steel version (video).

As they currently exist, these doors aren't perfect. Since they slide out of the way, you could never install one in a tight hallway, and the large number of seams means they wouldn't be practical as an exterior door. That said, pure practicality doesn’t seem to be the point, and Torggler’s doors are almost as much sculptural discussion pieces as they are tools for privacy or heat retention.

It's not the first time we've seen an old door do new tricks.

In addition to the Evolution Door, Torggler’s other works—including three-panel screens and European-style double doors—can all be seen on his website. Even appliance manufacturers have also begun redesigning doors, though to a lesser extent than Torggler.

Via: ThisIsColossal
Image Credit: Klemens Torggler via Youtube

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