Wolf to Debut New Induction Cooktops and Built-in Ovens

Urbanites, rejoice! Wolf is bringing Euro style to the high end.


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Luxury appliance manufacturer Wolf is introducing a bevy of new cooktops and ovens to its lineup, and they'll be available for purchase in late 2014.

The big news here is a brand-new 24-inch, three-element cooktop aimed squarely at space-strapped urbanites.

The first announcement includes new 15-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch sizes in contemporary and transitional styles, but the big news here is a brand-new 24-inch, three-element cooktop. The new size is aimed squarely at downsizing city-dwellers or those looking for a second induction cooktop in addition to a gas range.

New cooktops of all sizes will also include element bridging, which gives owners the flexibility to heat large pans with multiple elements. Also onboard is Wolf's Power Boost technology, which sends additional power to the rear burners for faster boiling times.

Electromagnetic induction cooktops are unquestionably superior to traditional electric and gas models in many respects, thanks to their power, precision, efficiency, and safety. Still, the technology has been slow to take off in the United States.

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Wolf is also updating its M-series built-in ovens, as part of the largest product rollout in company history.

The new M-series ovens incorporate Dual VertiCross convection, a completely redesigned convection system with two vertical blower fans and reconfigured heating elements that aim to minimize cool spots and improve multi-rack cooking.


Wolf's new M-series ovens are part of the largest product rollout in company history. [Credit: Wolf]

The M series offers 10 cooking modes via an LCD touchscreen control panel, and a new Gourmet mode includes a menu of preset options that guide users through the cooking process of commonly prepared foods, including temperature and rack placement. Once the setting is selected, the oven may adjust cooking settings throughout the process and, in some cases, eliminate the preheating phase.

Three distinct design styles of the M series will be available (contemporary, transitional, and professional), with single- and double-width models ranging from 27-30 inches.

You can find more info on the new releases at Wolf's online press room.

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